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Digital Education Group, a member of ADESSA, is proud to introduce you to the EPOE4all. Understanding the core elements required in the functionality of an electronic portfolio of evidence, all the needs of their clients are taken seriously, ensuring a user friendly and fully integrated Portfolio of Evidence.

EPOE4ALL is more simplistic from a user perspective with added functionality and workflows built in to ensure elimination of human error and a new dynamic user experience for all. Information is easily located, free flowing and most importantly the controls and much more adaptive to the needs of you, our valued client. Including customized reporting, tracking of activities, document library, exports, imports, and Dashboard functionality.

Customized security levels for all users, with a logical workflow incorporated. Messaging, mailing ensuring communication channels are continuously for all users, including a “nudge” notification of work to be done per user.

The QCTO and Seta requirements are met with added security and sign off protocol. Detailed auditing reports can be supplied, and authenticity of users constantly checked and signed off electronically. We are in the process of having the EPOE4ALL approved/supported by the Setas and QCTO alongside our pre-existing EPOE which has already been supported by these entities for over 2 years now.

For more information, contact Digital Education:

010 035 2163

Master Mindset 

Purple 1 August 2022 1

Education communities around the world are abuzz with the idea of Growth Mindset. But so what, who cares if we can grow our brain’s capacity to learn and solve problems? What does embracing a growth mindset actually mean for educators? And does a growth mindset have any practical implications for the way we teach, assign tasks, conduct assessments and provide feedback?  

This series guides teachers on a journey of discovering answers to these questions and cooking up some practical strategies for helping students develop a growth mindset. Can you become a Mindset Master and create a winning culture in your classroom to surprise and delight those at your learning table? 


  • Fixed vs Growth: Mastering the Mindset basics
  • Fostering Growth Mindset: Tasty Task Design
  • Fostering Growth Mindset: Real Results and Nourishing Praise 
  • Fostering Growth Mindset: Rethinking the Report Comment Recipe

Date: Weekly starting Tuesday, 16 August 2022 

Time: 15:30 – 16:30

Cost:  Tickets are R99 per session, R179 for 2, R249 for 3 or R359 for the complete series. (Free for PurpleZA schools)

To Register, click HERE.

AOSIS eLearning: PHP 8.0 and the Ramifications

AOSIS eLearning has seen there is a few ramifications to PHP 8.0.

PHP 8.0 is a major update of the PHP language. It contains many new features, optimizations and improvements in the type system functions, error handling, and consistency. This is not good news for anyone.

Why PHP 8.0 have ramifications for many owners of Moodle Sites

Any Moodle version below Moodle 3.11.8 is not supported on PHP 8.0. Owners of Moodle sites are faced with a dilemma, they are forced to upgrade their Moodle site to 3.11.8 or a later release or risk their site no longer working.

You may have just spent money and time to upgrade your Moodle site, just to hear that it is not PHP 8.0 compatible, you may not want to do an upgrade right now or in these tough economic times, there may not be funds available for such an upgrade.

If you do not wish to upgrade your Moodle site, AOSIS have hosting solutions which do not require a site to be compatible with PHP 8.0. Contact us to find out more about this.

We are a Certified Moodle Partner and can assist with demonstrations and to answer any questions you may have. Please contact us at

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AI for Future Workforce Launch and Media Round Table

Intel, a valued member of ADESSA, hosted two media events on July 20, 2022. The first event was hosted in collaboration with Orbit TVET College and the Ministry of Higher Education in Brits, Northwest province of South Africa. Sixteen media, including North West media, attended. The event’s speakers discussed how developing AI skills in South Africa’s future workforce will help the country implement and develop 4th Industrial Revolution technologies. All speakers discussed the program’s potential to improve South Africans’ lives and their plans for its expansion and success.

Intel 26 July 2022

The Intel AI Laboratory was unveiled shortly after a press conference at which media members were able to ask questions. The event was successful. Orbit TVET college and the Ministry of Higher Education expressed excitement and gratitude to Intel for making this program possible and for their continued support. Mr. Tichelman, VP EMEA territories, helped give the event gravitas, which media and South African partners appreciated. So far, media sentiment has been very positive.  This event positioned Intel as a thought and technology leader in Africa and a company involved in the country’s future. The VP’s presence increased the event’s impact.

The second event of the day was a Round Table conversation with VP Maurits Tichelman and 12 key media members discussing Intel’s global investments, supply chain, product leadership, Tech as a force for Good and semi-conductors. A key media partner streamed the Round table live.

At the opening of the Round Table, Intel and NAPTOSA (a South African Teachers Organization).  signed a Memorandum of Understanding. The MOU represented the next phase of Intel Skills for Innovation implementation in South Africa. Senior officials from NAPTOSA were also present to meet with our media and explain the significance of this cooperation to them. The event was moderated by a Senior South Africa News Anchor from ENCA and was a tremendous success.

Intel’s intentions for the future of South Africa, particularly in the areas of supply chain, education, and eSports, attracted substantial media attention. The event provided the media with an opportunity to interact with Mr. Tichelman and obtain a global perspective on Africa-related topics. This was supplemented by significant contributions from Intel Africa employees who were able to provide local perspectives. The insights given by all Intel team members contributed in positioning Intel as a thought leader in the market.

World-class PD for innovative schools

Purple 21 July 2022

PurpleZA is professional development that: 

  • provides agency
  • is differentiated
  • is personalised
  • builds community
  • sparks JOY!

Purple PD lets your teachers choose when, where, what, and how they learn. Making sure it’s all about them: their subject, their interests, their skill level, their way!

You can learn more about this new era of professional development for South African schools at then pop to to book a cuppa with us so we can show you around our gamified platform. 

New version:  2Publish

2Simple have just released a brand new version of 2Publish, giving you much more flexibility over the look and feel of your documents, from the size and position of text and image boxes to backgrounds and borders. There’s also automatic zoom while typing, fully customisable word bins, checklists, clip art bins and too much more to list here.  All the pre-existing templates have been updated and there’s also a blank template too. Take a look!

2Simple 14 July 2022

New Leaf eLearning Indaba July 2022

new leaf 1 July 2022

Join New Leaf on Wednesday, 27th July for another great New Leaf eLearning Indaba. 

The event will be online and will once again host some very interesting international speakers.

As always, members of the New Leaf team will be providing tips and tricks on how to create the most inspirational learning journeys. 


Wednesday 27th July 2022


10h00 – 11h15  (GMT +02:00)



To register, click HERE.

AOSIS eLearning – Tested Moodle plugin: Questionnaire Module

AOSIS 30 June 2022

The goal of this plugin is to allow you to create a survey in Moodle. It allows teachers to create a wide range of questions to get student feedback e.g. on a course or activities.

What makes it different from a Quiz activity
With a Questionnaire you do not test or assess the student if the question is correct or incorrect, instead you gather data.

What makes it different to the Feedback activity?
It allows you to create surveys and collect feedback. The user can write their own questions as opposed to a set of pre-written questions. You can download the data for analysis.

The plugin can be downloaded from the Moodle Plugins Directory.

AOSIS is a Certified Moodle Partner and can assist with its installation.

If you have any questions then please contact AOSIS at

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