Enhancing skill sets has never been easier!

COVID-19 has changed the way we think and learn. With most of the world in isolation, online education is no longer a nice to have but an essential learning model. 

Participate in the end user computing short course, helping you find your way around your online learning platforms:

  • Attaching documents
  • Word; excel; power point
  • Sending mails
  • Uploading of documents

Course offerings:

  • End user computing
  • Project Management
  • Emotional Intelligence

Courses sold online or contact Digital Education Group

Fully inclusive price of R 520.00

Duration of course/s:  between 2 to 4 weeks depending on each individual. Certificate of completion is issued on final submission of your assignment.

Contact: or

Positive outcomes to COVID-19

With education on the forefront, the rise, demand and need for online education is both essential and relevant

Contact Digital Education Group for your educational institute’s  fully customised Electronic Portfolio of Evidence.  Aligned and versatile to your specific training/qualification outcomes alongside the insertion of SETA/QCTO/DHET compliancy rules and regulations.  Own your own IP from R 150 000.00 excl vat. COVID-19 special.

  • Single sign on or integrated through an API
  • 35% increase in time and productivity
  • 65% cost reduction
  • 75% increase in learner, accessor and moderator engagement and outcomes
  • 95% increase in full compliancy being obtained & maintained through workflows
  • 100% tracking, auditing and reporting
  • 100% archiving and immediate extraction of any/all documents



Owing to popular demand and requests from parents who missed the 1st webinar, MySociaLife will be running a repeat of the Parent Digital Life skills webinar tomorrow, 21 April at 10am, where we will be discussing online safety & offering a screen time guide for parents. Please feel free to circulate to other parents, who you think will be interested or please send to your schools and request that they encourage other parents to register if they would like to learn more about digital life skills for their children but also to equip themselves as parents during this challenging time when kids are online more than ever before.

The online safety, social media, & screen time guide – ‘LOCKDOWN’ WEBINAR FOR PARENTS

A 60-minute social media presentation by SA’s digital life skills experts to help parents of teens and pre-teens, now stuck at home during Lockdown. Social media education specialists, MySociaLife, share a useful toolbox of tips for parents seeking to understand more about their teen’s “online” life, and proposing how parents can start to approach and prepare their teenagers as balanced and aware “digital citizens” – including how to get closer to their life online, and how to set boundaries and stick to them.

​​​​​​​The online safety, social media, & screentime guide!


·         You are not alone: Why parents were struggling with kids and devices…even before Lockdown!
There are multiple reasons why kids can’t put their phones down, and keep coming back. When you understand that, it changes your approach.

·         What many kids don’t tell their parents about their life online! And the beautiful opportunity during Lockdown. Want to know what kids say about their parents, term-after-term, and how you can change things to get closer to your kids? We share the questions and routes to get closer on this tricky topic.

​​·         The Good. The Bad. The Ugly? ​​​Firstly, we have to unpack the difference between good and bad screen time, and then work out our limits, and what should be ‘off limits’ with regard to online safety.

·         6 tips: The tools to provide a better safety net
Now that you know the landscape, you can chart a clear way forward – we share a number of tools, as well as help you to set devices up better – so you see improvements.

Register here:

How to limit kids’ screen time during lockdown, AND …

equip parents adjusting to two new ‘battlegrounds’ – homeschooling and digital learning.

With lockdown potentially being extended beyond 21 days, parents are faced with a longer period of time indoors. Some have loved their time together, and others desperate for their old routine. Devices, social media, apps and games provide escape for both parents and kids, a much-needed “breather” in a long day of incarceration. And connecting to friends and chatting is important for humans.

But life online often comes with many by-products – bullying, exposure beyond what is age-appropriate, contact from strangers, sexting. More time online naturally means more risk. Parenting will be different over this unparalleled situation, to adjust to socialising and schoolwork, but our attitude to online safety should improve in relation to the amount of screen time. 

As Western Cape kids are set to “return to school” (while they stay at home), millions of parents have suddenly been transformed into ‘home-schoolers’? 

Dean McCoubrey, Founder of MySociaLife, the leading digital life skills and online safety program in schools in South Africa, answers some key questions … READ MORE

Lighten the impact of covid-19 on business

Interactive AV Solutions (IAVS) has recognized the impact that COVID-19 is having on business across all sectors. Social distancing has upset the internal workings of many of their clients.

Their proposed solution is Clevertouch – a multi-award-winning interactive collaboration display tool that enables clients to operate smoothly during these trying times. Clevertouch allows you to host meetings, conferences, as well as digital collaboration with colleagues and clients. You can make use of your own video conferencing software (such as Skype, Zoom, etc) or you can use Stage, a platform provided by IAVS at no cost.

For more information contact IAVS at:

Call: 021 003 572 or 071 290 3597

Email: – Website: