Oxford University Press offers online training programmes

Many teachers in South Africa have been faced with an unexpected and abrupt transition to virtual teaching during COVID-19. To support you, Oxford University Press and their partners at Epigeum have made two of their online training programmes, Teaching Online and Blended Learning, freely available until 31 May 2020. Find out more and sign up here.

Implementing E-learning: Free Webinar by ITSI

Struggling to teach via technology? We can help!

ITSI’s upcoming free webinars on implementing e-learning will show you how you can use technology to teach your students remotely and even add greater interactivity to your lessons. This is a SACE endorsed course and you will earn 10 CPTD points for attending this webinar and completing a small reflective assignment afterwards.

The webinars are scheduled for is 4 June 2020 at 14:00-16:00, and 5 June 2020 at 12:00-14:00

We’ll discuss the practical steps and tips you can use to improve your online and, in due time, your classroom teaching. These range from testing your sound and lighting and how to record lessons, to creating online quizzes. See a breakdown of the webinar programme below:

  • Emergency remote teaching vs Online learning 
  • Practical, interactive Science lesson
  • Getting the most out of the technology you have
  • How to record sessions/lessons
  • How to create an online quiz and use simulations

Given the current situation and sudden reliance on technology to reach and teach your students, we want to ensure you have the right tools to make e-learning a success. Register for the webinar today by clicking here.

Digital Life Skills company responds with video training for kids at risk online

COVID-19 has kept kids indoors, isolated from friends, and driven to increased screen time. But for many, that comes with challenges.

Last week, MySociaLife, South Africa’s leading educators in online safety and social media, asked students what digital life orientation lesson they wanted next. And we were shocked by the answer…

  • 44% chose Mental Health as the topic they would request next from MySociaLife
  • 22% chose to ask for help with attention and focus 
  • 60% said their screen time had increased by 3 hours or more

Before Lockdown our teens and pre-teens struggled with life online lacking the maturity and emotional regulation to control the devices and content they watch, play and engage with for many hours a day. With increased screen time, these problems have only magnified, according to Founder of MySociaLife, Dean McCoubrey. And yet there are less than a handful of digital experts in the entire country that cover this extent of digital education.

Schools are feeling overwhelmed with firstly the rapid move to “Corona School” requirements and now back to getting schools, ready to welcome students back to a safe environment of learning and finding time to fit in the extra’s is intimidating and overwhelming but our kids need the guidance and support to ensure that they are safer and smarter online. As a result, SA’s leading ‘Digital Life Skills’ program in schools has now been made available by video for life orientation or IT teachers to run easily using a combination of lesson plan, slide deck with videos and animations, workshop exercises and an end of module test.

Click here for a video explainer.



Amidst this trying time, teachers are probably concerned about the assessment of their learners. The Grade 4 – 9 learners are currently at home and many teachers are getting increasingly worried about what is going to happen to their learners: will they return to school in 2020? Is it safe to have them at school? Will learners have to repeat the year?

Teachers are currently so involved in setting up online lessons, sending out material, and supporting the parents, that they find it hard to spare some time to set test, tasks, and examination papers.

Teach360 can be of great help!

Teach360 is a well-known curriculum service provider to a number of independent schools. To support teachers in these times. These assessments include the tests, tasks, and examination papers (June and November) as required by the national curriculum (CAPS), as well as the applicable memorandums.

All these assessments are set by competent assessors as specified by law, meaning qualified teachers who are registered with the South African Council for Educators. These assessments comply with the required cognitive levels, meaning that they are at the correct standard, and cover the required content of each subject.

How to get access to these assessments.

Send an email to info@teach360.co.za with your details or call 0874052244. A consultant will e-mail you the links of the free term 2 assessments, or request a quotation for the full years assessments.


Getting your learners to write just got easier!

Oxford University Press South Africa has just partnered with Writing Legends, a new digital program that revolutionises the teaching and learning of writing in Grades 3 to 7. By blending the best of technology with captivating writing prompts and modelling, the program dramatically improves teaching and learning by inspiring learners to participate within a motivated community of passionate writers.

As part of their assistance to schools, Oxford is providing the program completely free of charge through to 31 July 2020.

Learners and teachers have access, from wherever they are, to hundreds of writing activities supported by exemplars, writing checklists and vocabulary assistance. Teachers may set specific activities for individual learners, groups of learners or the whole class, and are also able to see how long learners spend on activities and then provide individual feedback.

To sign up your class for the free access period, click HERE.

Electronic Portfolio of Evidence

Digital Education Group has been monitoring trends and has decided to offer the Electronic Portfolio of Evidence (EPOE) with a spin.

Many educational institutes jumped into online but have cash restraints and there is a concern about where they are storing all the submissions, assignments, tests, videos, homework and other items. The EPOE is therefore becoming important in the online educational environment.   The EPOE works as a repository and much more:

  • Reduce 65% operational costs
  • Aligned to your Curriculum and learning Outcomes
  • Branding and templates included
  • Workflows, eliminating Human Error
  • Higher level of engagement between learners, accessors and Moderator
  • Includes hosting, service and support
  • Auditing, tracking, progress monitoring and informative reporting

For more information, contact:



Worksheets available from Oxford University Press

To ensure that learners have as many opportunities to practise and consolidate the work that they have already done, as well as the work with which they are currently busy at home, Oxford University Press South Africa has made over 200 worksheets for various subjects and grades available for anyone to download, absolutely free.

These worksheets have been carefully extracted to cover Term 1 and 2 content, according to CAPS. They should therefore be relevant to support the work that your learners will currently be busy with. Worksheets are available for Reading Grades 1-3, languages and Mathematics Grade 4-9, and selected subjects for Grade 10-12.

Visit https://www.oxford.co.za/downloads to explore and download.

Reading, writing and spelling for little ones

Keep little ones practising their reading, writing and spelling with Letterland apps available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Letterland school customers can request access to Phonics Online for learners to enjoy Letterland animations, songs and readers at home.

Visit Letterland COVID-19 Resources website for additional free downloads here.