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It is great to welcome New Leaf Technologies as a member of ADESSA. We are looking forward to working with this innovative and forward-thinking company.

New Leaf Logo

New Leaf Technologies describes itself as your preferred eLearning Software and Content Provider, and explains why as follows:

New Leaf Technologies is an end-to-end digital education provider offering the latest eLearning technology, creatively charged content, ready-made courseware, custom development and eLearning consultation to maximise your spend and ensure that the modern learner is engaged and empowered. Our digital learning solutions are delivered in the moment of need, on any device, using the most appropriate learning approach! 

Instead of selling our clients products and services, we prefer to partner with them to ensure the solutions we provide make a measurable contribution to your learners’ success. This means that when you engage in our services, we will be with you every step of the way by offering local support, advice, and training to make sure you get the best possible return on your investment. New Leaf Technologies provides the tools and knowledge to enable rapidly deployed, low-cost, highly efficient learning solutions with the agility your learners need to stay ahead of the game in this ever-changing world! Let us partner with you to elevate your learning to its full online potential by making it easy to create and deliver powerful, blended, social, adaptive, and personalised learning experiences.

Our valued clients include the Institute of Marketing Management, the Financial Services Conduct Authority, the Graduate Institute of Financial Sciences, City Lodge Hotel Group, Bidvest Bank, Discovery, PNA, Pam Golding Properties, Wellness Warehouse, Virgin Active and many more public and private education providers.

We are thrilled to be a member of ADESSA! 😊

Contact us on

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It is with great pleasure that we are welcoming Code4Kids as a new member of ADESSA. We are looking forward to working with this company that is operating on the cutting edge of e-education.

Code4Kids is the best way to bring Coding, Robotics and IT into the school classroom for Grade 4-9.

All a school needs to run Code4Kids are computers, access to the internet and a motivated teacher – no coding background necessary! 

Get everything from Code4Kids for the price of a textbook. Sign up for a free no-strings-attached 4-week trial.

Contact them to give it a try!

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ADESSA is pleased to announce that V-Soft Technologies joined the ranks of ADESSA members late last year.

V-Soft Technologies is a local software provider, with over 16 years of experience in the education sector. With that experience we have built the Exam Portal solution. The Exam Portal is a secure computer-based assessment platform, with built in Text-to-Speech capabilities in all official South African languages.

V Soft Logo

The Exam Portal offers students with reading disabilities such as dyslexia and aphasia, the ability to read and understand their work at their pace in a secure environment. The Exam Portal allows schools and education bodies the ability to cut costs in many aspects of a schools/examination bodies budget, by saving money on Human Readers for each individual student or requiring additional invigilators and venues.

Exam Portal standardizes the examination, thus learners are not advantaged or disadvantaged by human readers. The Exam Portal Solution has been used at the highest level by various examinations bodies to conduct NSC examinations for learners with reading and computer accommodations for the past 6 years.

V Soft Exam portal logo


PurpleZA is the latest company that has joined the ranks of ADESSA members – ADESSA is delighted to welcome the company and its leaders to be part of our professional body.

Purple logo with slogan

PurpleZA is professional development that: 

  • provides agency
  • is differentiated
  • is personalised
  • builds community
  • sparks JOY!

Purple PD lets your teachers choose when, where, what, and how they learn. Making sure it’s all about them: their subject, their interests, their skill level, their way! World-class PD for innovative schools. 

PurpleZA offers a gamified platform connecting schools to learning, workshops connecting questions to answers, webinars connecting edtech to pedagogies, events connecting teachers to purpose and a tribe which connects the very best kind of world-changing humans – to each other!

PurpleZA is all about

ADESSA WelcomEs d6 as a New Member

ADESSA is pleased to welcome d6 as the latest company joining the ranks of its members.

d6 logo 2

d6 is a software company that assists schools, businesses, and communities in communicating effectively.

In the schools market, the company’s focus is on simplifying school management for all parties and its products have great features to assist staff and parents in this regard.

d6 also offers advertising space on their communication apps where businesses can promote their products and services to the market; this type of advertising reaches 900 000+ end-users. The mission of d6 is to make a difference and “Simplify Life” for all.

d6 diligent learner


We are pleased to welcome DG (Digital Generation) as a member of ADESSA.

DG 1

With over 21 years’ experience in the ICT sector with global OEM partner statuses, DG is one of the leading black women-owned ICT companies in South Africa. DG can be trusted to deliver holistic, innovative and value added solutions into education.

DG can transform the ICT lifecycle management landscape through innovation, world-class technology and exceptional client service!

DG Logo


We want to welcome G-CITI DIGITAL SA to the ranks of ADESSA members.

G-CITI DIGITAL SA is an ed-tech startup company that delivers a range of digital services and digital platforms to educational institutions, colleges, skills development organizations and corporate industries that embrace learning as a strategic tool for product development. The company offers a world-class, fully-managed eLearning solution managed by experts in partnership with the global edtech company mElimu.

Llewellyn Scholtz, CEO of GCITI DIGITAL SA and CEO of G-CITI Campus / I-CAN Centre, is also the Country Manager of mElimu in South Africa, that leads a dynamic and passionate team to transform education in Africa.

Llewellyn 002
Llewellyn Scholz presenting.

ADESSA welcomes its latest member: MySociaLife

MySocialLife logo

The latest company to join the ranks of ADESSA members is MySociaLife. MySociaLife is a Program which trains Grade 4 to 11 learners to become safer and smarter online, in order to excel in the (4IR) future. They offer 10 modules in schools – critical thinking, digital identity, privacy, security, digital footprint, empathy, resilience, values, cyberbullying, and sexuality. They also train parents, teachers and Mental Health Professionals.

MySocialLife Nov 19
Dean, the CEO, presenting to a group of students

MySociaLife uses the World Economic Forum and DQ Institute pillars of digital citizenship, and also consults a Brains Trust of top doctors and consultants on the 10 topics and then get surveys from students who reveal what works and what doesn’t and what is happening in their lives.

We hope to share some of the insights from MySociaLife on this website in future.

Stimulus Maksima joins ADESSA

stimulus maksima logoADESSA welcomes on board yet another new member, Stimulus Maksima.  When asked what the company is all about, Lotta Engelbrecht, the executive director, said:

We assist our clients, ranging from toddlers to adults, in obtaining their desired reading literacy and numeracy levels.

 “Our computer-aided learning systems are based on auto-remedial principles and monitor progress on a realtime basis.

“A variety of schools, private centers, parents assisting their children at home, as well as students and adults wanting to improve their reading skills, use our philosophy, services and products with great success.”


One of the latest companies to join ADESSA is Cylo.

“At Cylo, we have brought together decades of knowledge from around the digital world to create our powerful digital platform, Allexis,” says Enzo Vailati, the CEO of the company.

Allexis Education is much more than a Learning Management CYLO LOGO 2System (LMS), it is an innovative and holistic platform created to aid schools in becoming completely paperless. Everything a teacher or learner requires for their education is available to them in a smart and mobile tablet, with a plethora of interactive apps to choose from.  Allexis Education is fully customisable for each school or University, both aesthetically and in regard to the applications that they wish to use. For example, you may wish to utilise the full ecosystem of applications or you may like to utilise our eReader and Library which is rich in both educational and trade content. The Allexis library has an extensive repertoire of titles from several major publishers including Penguin, NB Publishers, Shuter and Shooter, Oxford University Press and Via Afrika. In addition to this, the Allexis library also contains a large catalogue of music, music videos and audio books.