Digital Education Group offers HR Audit

The Digital Education Group has a unique methodology and approach applied transversely, providing the full solution to your human capital management needs.

What is HR Audit? It includes, but is not limited to:  

1 Job Architecture; Human Resources and deliverables vs strategic business planning.

2 Job Profiles auditing and change, accurate against needs of organization (Job title / Job Description alignment).

3 Organogram speaks to the correct structure and volume of your human resources for high output of deliverables and productivity.

4 Gap analysis > Employee vs Job Description identification (Skills Development/Succession planning/Career planning).

5 Value of each position within the organization (Salary benchmarking moving towards Internal Equity).

6 Management by an online platform which is handed over to client on completion of project plan, with full training to ensure usage going forward.

A detailed HR Audit schedule and report is submitted on completion of audits.

Deliverables incorporated within the HR Audit are outlined in accordance with company requests.

Use Innovation and Technology to simplify your HR Administrative requirements and record keeping.

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Algorithms in Coding and Robotics

Cambridge Connect will be useful to teachers to teach Algorithms when teaching the subject Coding and Robotics during the Foundation Phase.

Fundamental programming principles and constructs in Foundation Phase are introduced for Grade R learners through physical coding activities, which progress from Grade 1 to digital platforms (ScratchJr) that are easy to learn and fun for learners to engage. ​

​The programming platforms introduce learners to critical computational skills and concepts: ​

  • Identifying and analysing solutions for specific fundamental problems
  • Converting simple algorithms to block-based code. 

What is ScratchJr?

  • ScratchJr is a visual programming language designed to introduce programming skills to children aged 5–7 years. 
  • The app is considered an introductory programming language. It is available as a free app for iOS, Android and Chromebook.

With ScratchJr, children aged 5–7 years can program their own interactive stories and games. In the process, they learn to solve problems, design projects and express themselves creatively on the computer. Download the Cambridge Connect Coding and Robotics brochure here.

Maintaining competence in highly moderated high-risk industries

Aviation pilots, logging workers and derrick operators are considered to be some of the riskiest and most challenging roles requiring consistent and accredited skills development in order to mitigate risk for both company and employee.

Cranfield Training used Covid lockdowns to digitise a variety of high-risk training solutions that are accredited by the South African Civil Aviation Authority. These online programmes provide reliable skills development and training that are aligned with stringent compliance mandates and regulations.

This notoriously expensive training can now be undertaken anywhere at any time without the added expense of travel, accommodation and time away from work.

“As many of these high-risk companies have an intense focus on safety over productivity, continuous training is a vital part of any operation regardless of the person’s capacity or role,” says Rick Bosman of Cranfield Training. “All individuals have to undertake continuous professional development so they remain compliant, and so they can enforce and manage their own safety and well-being.”

In collaboration with aNewSpring Learning Management System (LMS) from New Leaf Technologies, Cranfield Training delivers a mix of theory, blended learning and facilitator-led instruction that adapts according to the subject matter, the role and industry-specific guidelines.

The platform provides certification even if learners cannot physically attend training and offers a proctoring function that physically films and records the user during assessments. This ensures that certain courses have the physical proof required to confirm that the person doing the final course assessment is the right one.

Cranfield Training offers up to 80 unique courses and has provided training to over 3 200 employees. Most popular for high-risk industries include:

  • Human Factor Training provides training for where human error can cost lives
  • Drug and Alcohol Management
  • Just Culture Training
  • Communicable Disease Training
  • Health, Safety and Environment Training
  • Hosting Environment Awareness Training
  • Hydrogen Sulphide Training
  • Automated Safety Audit Checklist Software and many more.

New Leaf Technologies worked closely with Cranfield Training to ensured that the final product was easy to use, interactive and compliant. It has been a landmark training platform evolution that has put Cranfield Training on the global stage so allowing it to compete even more effectively. This attracts new markets while discovering smarter ways of improving the materials it has on offer.


Being the leaders within the HR Space the Digital Education Group prides themselves in both embracing technology through innovative designs to simplify the administration but ensure record keeping and vital documentation is managed correctly whilst also taking into account the needs and deliverables of business, through adequate and high output of performance within the human resources area.

Productivity is increased with time and performance management controls that now give you more time to focus on other HR matters requiring face to face engagement, whilst you have the knowledge that your 360 HR value chain is in place.

Do all jobs hold value?  The right person in the right position can be the extinction or survival for your organization.

Use Innovation and Technology to simplify your HR Administrative requirements and record keeping!

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