17 Reasons why Clevertouch should be your #1 Choice!

  1. First to market with touchscreen tech in 2009
  2. Multi award winning touchscreen manufacturer
  3. Purpose built technology
  4. FREE Software (Lynx Whiteboard, Nuiteq Snowflake, Remote Management, Clevershare, Clevertouch Live)
  5. FREE Training
  6. Free app store (Cleverstore 2.0)
  7. Open platform to support all brands of learner and teacher devices
  8. Share Content to any device
  9. Dual platform for Windows or Android use
  10. Enhanced stylus capabilities
  11. Super Glide Surface
  12. Dual pen/finger mode
  13. Never miss the latest edition of Clevertouch with Over-the-Air updates
  14. 5 year warranty
  15. Smart Personalised Account Profile – NFC (Single Sign on)
  16. Lock settings and monitor your screens to enhance security
  17. Works independently from the network and you can create your own hot spot

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