AI for Future Workforce Launch and Media Round Table

Intel, a valued member of ADESSA, hosted two media events on July 20, 2022. The first event was hosted in collaboration with Orbit TVET College and the Ministry of Higher Education in Brits, Northwest province of South Africa. Sixteen media, including North West media, attended. The event’s speakers discussed how developing AI skills in South Africa’s future workforce will help the country implement and develop 4th Industrial Revolution technologies. All speakers discussed the program’s potential to improve South Africans’ lives and their plans for its expansion and success.

The Intel AI Laboratory was unveiled shortly after a press conference at which media members were able to ask questions. The event was successful. Orbit TVET college and the Ministry of Higher Education expressed excitement and gratitude to Intel for making this program possible and for their continued support. Mr. Tichelman, VP EMEA territories, helped give the event gravitas, which media and South African partners appreciated. So far, media sentiment has been very positive.  This event positioned Intel as a thought and technology leader in Africa and a company involved in the country’s future. The VP’s presence increased the event’s impact.

The second event of the day was a Round Table conversation with VP Maurits Tichelman and 12 key media members discussing Intel’s global investments, supply chain, product leadership, Tech as a force for Good and semi-conductors. A key media partner streamed the Round table live.

At the opening of the Round Table, Intel and NAPTOSA (a South African Teachers Organization).  signed a Memorandum of Understanding. The MOU represented the next phase of Intel Skills for Innovation implementation in South Africa. Senior officials from NAPTOSA were also present to meet with our media and explain the significance of this cooperation to them. The event was moderated by a Senior South Africa News Anchor from ENCA and was a tremendous success.

Intel’s intentions for the future of South Africa, particularly in the areas of supply chain, education, and eSports, attracted substantial media attention. The event provided the media with an opportunity to interact with Mr. Tichelman and obtain a global perspective on Africa-related topics. This was supplemented by significant contributions from Intel Africa employees who were able to provide local perspectives. The insights given by all Intel team members contributed in positioning Intel as a thought leader in the market.

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