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Ensure your content is compatible with your platform

In recent years, there has been a shift from learners using textbooks, writing paper-based exams, and attending face-to-face classes to most learning and assessments taking place online, which was fast-forwarded dramatically by the COVID Pandemic. The move to online learning means that people all over the world can access courses that may not have been accessible to them previously.
There are various platforms on which to host your content and one of these is Moodle (an open-source Learning Management System).

With the shift to online learning, many people became responsible for adding and converting content to online platforms and they don’t always have the required skills and knowledge to do this which leads to frustration in the end. Often, the content that was used in face-to-face classes is uploaded as is onto the learning platform and the problem with this is that these courses were designed to be complemented by a facilitator and now the learners do not have this additional resource. The learners can become disengaged with the online learning material. It is important when developing and uploading online content onto your learning platform to always be aware of the learner and how they will react to the content and to ensure learning is enhanced.

AOSIS is a specialist in the field of content development and can advise you on how best to develop your content to your audience’s requirements; they are also able to convert your content for you into interactive formats suitable for your audience and purposes.

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