AOSIS eLearning: Moodle Best Practice – Always have a backup

The AOSIS eLearning Moodle Best Practice recommendation for August is to always have a backup of your Moodle site. The following two reason is why it is important to make a copy of your Moodle site:

1. Something can happen to your server

Something can happen to your server. Hardware does not have an infinite lifespan. It does not matter if it is a local server or in the cloud, it can get damaged, especially during these days of frequent load shedding.

2. Your server may get hacked

When your server gets hacked, the hard drive gets encrypted so that you cannot access your site data and database.

What is the AOSIS eLearning best practice for your Moodle site?

Good practice would be to make a copy of your site and database every morning when the site is least active. Then you keep backups for about 2-3 weeks, and this enables you to do a site rollback for the above-mentioned scenarios.

Remember to inform everyone in your team that, if they did something that would require a rollback, they must inform you immediately instead of waiting 2-3 weeks and you can still roll back to the day the site was still working ok.

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