AOSIS eLearning News – April 2022

Multiple languages on your eLearning site

Providing a learning experience in a learner’s language provides them with quality training.

Though Moodle supports more than one language in its user interface and allows learners to select the language they want to navigate in, you will still need to create learning materials (e.g. PDFs, videos, and SCORMs) per language and thus create a different course for each language.

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How can I add groups to my Moodle courses?

As a Moodle Partner we love providing useful resources. This video shows you how to add groups to your Moodle courses. View it here.

This month’s tested Moodle plugin and Moodle best practice is:

  • Tested Moodle plugin – Completion progress

The Completion Progress shows students an overview of their progress in the course. As a Certified Moodle Partner of South Africa we can assist with its installation. Learn more.

  • Moodle best practice – A site health check
    Periodically health check your Moodle site to make it function optimally. This includes checking e.g. version, grade history and system logs, and course backups. As a Certified Moodle Partner of South Africa we can help.

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