AOSIS eLearning – Tested Moodle plugin: Course size

This Moodle Course size plugin provides you with an approximate disk usage of the Moodle courses on your site and also the total site data size. The report has 3 columns with the course name, course size, and then the backup size. In some cases where disk usage can influence your hosting package or server performance, it is good to find out which courses you need to reduce in size or even which course content might need to be resized. You might also need to consider loading the content somewhere else so that you can embed it onto the course instead of uploading it to the server directly taking up more space. A good example would be something like a video that can rather be on a YouTube channel.

This plugin can also show you if there are backup files in the course and the size of those files. There are situations where course backups are made automatically or manually, and these are then left on the server hard drive under the course and never used again. As an admin user, you can then either delete those backups or first download them and store them elsewhere for safekeeping if required. Once you remove these backups you will see the disk space used on the report will be lower again.

The site data size will indicate any files loaded to the site (such as images, assignments, and videos). If you know your users have to submit many assignments, you will see this site data size gradually increase over time. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to decrease site data size with regard to assignments that are uploaded. The only way you can make it increase slower is to limit the file upload size on assignments. Therefore, this is an interesting tool to have especially if you are concerned about your server hardware or hosting limits.

You can download the plugin here

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