AOSIS eLearning – Tested Moodle plugin: Reengagement

This plugin from the Moodle plugins directory, Reengagement, allows you to send follow-up notifications to your students once they start a course.

Some Moodle Reengagement plugin features:

  1. You can edit the email message that is sent out to the users,
  2. Set the time period in which it must wait before a repeat email is sent,
  3. The number of times the email must be resent, and
  4. You can set it to be triggered after starting the course, or when a specific activity has been completed.

So, this plugin helps you remind students to continue with their assignments or tasks automatically. This way you as a teacher doesn’t have to manually follow up and send out emails to the students.

This will be used more for guided learning instead of self-paced learning.

The plugin can be downloaded from the Moodle Plugins Directory.

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