AOSIS eLearning – The ADDIE Model in Instructional Design

Instructional design is the practice of designing, developing and delivering courses in a consistent and reliable way to create an efficient, effective, appealing and engaging course and to facilitate the acquisition of knowledge.

The process consists of determining the target audience and the needs of the learner are ascertained. We then go through your course material, discuss your requirements for the finished product and then we start to create the interactive content using specialised eLearning Development Software. There are many instructional design models, but many are based on the ADDIE model.

The ADDIE model:

  • Analysis: Setting goals, researching the target audience, and understanding required sources
  • Design: Finding a learning solution that aligns with the identified objectives
  • Development: Creating the assets required and testing various methodologies for delivering the content
  • Implementation: The actual delivery of the learning and development program
  • Evaluation: Determining the performance of the training program and what could be improved

AOSIS eLearning Content Creation Services

AOSIS designs and develops custom interactive eLearning solutions that are multi-device compatible. Our focus is on learner experience and your brand’s consistency.

We gain an in-depth understanding of your requirements and target audience and working closely with you (and subject matter experts when required) to develop the ideal learning solution for you.

We give shape to learning courses through instructional design, visual design, authoring tools, technologies, and project management.

Through the high-tech studio on our premises, we can record and develop high-quality videos, as well as doing onsite video recordings.

Our eLearning solutions include curriculum development, long-form courses, as well as microlearning courses. Learn more about our eLearning content creation services.

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