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The Magic Triangle of Learning

Instructional design is the creation of instructional materials. Though, this field goes beyond simply creating teaching materials, it carefully considers how students learn and what materials and methods will most effectively help individuals achieve their academic goals.

When it comes to designing a learning experience, instructional designers must consider three main components (called the Magic Triangle of learning) to ensure the learning is effective.

These are:

  1. learning objectives
  2. learning activities
  3. assessments.

Good instructional design considers how students learn and what materials, methods, and technologies will most effectively convey the message to the user. It also considers how learning tools should be designed, developed, and delivered to learners, and is effective in crafting learning experiences.

Instructional design software are tools that allow Instructional Designers to build highly effective and compelling eLearning content. Instructional design tools provide you with all the features, materials, and components of instructional design you need to create exceptional eLearning courses.

AOSIS eLearning Content Creation Services

AOSIS designs and develops custom interactive eLearning solutions that are multi-device compatible. The focus is on learner experience and your brand’s consistency.

AOSIS gains an in-depth understanding of your requirements and target audience and working closely with you (and subject matter experts when required) to develop the ideal learning solution for you.

AOSIS gives shape to learning courses through instructional design, visual design, authoring tools, technologies, and project management.

Through the high-tech studio on our premises, we can record and develop high-quality videos, as well as doing onsite video recordings.

The eLearning solutions of AOSOS include curriculum development, long-form courses, as well as microlearning courses. Learn more about our eLearning content creation services.

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