Cambridge University Press supports the teaching of Coding and Robotics

In response to the new subject Coding and Robotics, introduced by the Department of Basic Education for Grades 1–9 in South Africa, Cambridge University Press has recently published a series of textbooks for the South African Foundation Phase Coding and Robotics classroom.

These books respond directly to the draft curriculum, providing content and activities for each knowledge strand. The books aim to prepare learners for the Fourth Industrial Revolution by teaching technology, processes and ways of thinking that allow them to live and work in a digitally enabled society. ​

The Coding and Robotics subject is aimed at guiding and preparing learners to develop 21st century skills, namely to solve problems, think critically, work collaboratively and creatively, function in a digital and information-driven world, apply digital and ICT skills, and transfer these skills to solve everyday problems and their possibilities, including equipping learners for meaningful and successful living in a rapidly changing and transforming society. ​

Cambridge Connect Coding and Robotics Foundation Phase for Grades 1-3 covers the following knowledge strands:​

  • Pattern Recognition and Problem Solving ​
  • Algorithms and Coding ​
  • Robotics Skills ​
  • Internet and E-Communication ​
  • Application Skills

Download the Cambridge Connect Coding and Robotics brochure here.

Coding and Robotics in action

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