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Tested Moodle plugins

AOSIS have been a Certified Moodle Partner since 2006 and provide Moodle Learning Management System (LMS) services allowing you to host your course content online. Moodle is an open-source learning platform, which helps you create effective online teaching and learning experiences in a collaborative and private environment.

This month we highlight two tested Moodle plugins which enhances your Moodle to provide more effective learning online.

Custom certificate

The custom certificate plugin facilitates automatic custom certificate generation based on completion criteria set up in Moodle. No interaction is needed from teacher or facilitator at all​. This is a massive benefit to any online course. Learn more.


The subcourse plugin allows clients to have Moodle courses set up as modules and reuse those modules in multiple courses. If a user has completed that module the completion will be tracked and kept on record. Learn more.

Contact us today to provide you with Moodle or eLearning content creation services.

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Research published in the African Journal of Primary Healthcare & Family Medicine (PHCFM)

Videocast by Dr Tiny Masupe, giving a broad overview of the article titled, ‘Prevalence of disease complications and risk factor monitoring amongst diabetes and hypertension patients attending chronic disease management programmes in a South African Township’

View the video HERE.

Tiny is currently a senior lecturer in Public Health Medicine at the University of Botswana, Faculty of Medicine and a PhD fellow at the University of the Western Cape, School of Public Health. Her area of research interest is on non-communicable diseases with focus on type 2 diabetes and hypertension.

Download the article HERE.

AOSIS 16 Nov 2021

Welcome to ConcEPTARIAN WORX

It is with great pleasure that ADESSA welcomes Conceptarian Worx as a member.

Conceptarian Worx was established in 2012 and has provided education advisory services to prospective students looking to further their studies abroad, primarily in Canada for tertiary education and recently formally for the United Kingdom representing over 60 top tier universities and colleges globally.

The company has partnered with Learning Possibilities, to share a transformed Microsoft Office 365 as a comprehensive school Learning Management System (LMS) in the form of LP+365, acclaimed education software.  Conceptarian Worx specialises in education solutions.

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eCPD Healthcare Announcement

eCPD Healthcare Announcement

Medical Cannabis: New Specialised CPD Course

Are you interested in treating your patients using Medical Cannabis? These online CPD courses will give you more insight into how to go about it. Brought to you in partnership with Cheeba Cannabis Academy and Medical Marijuana 411.

Medical Cannabis

LAUNCH SPECIAL: The 15% discounted cost is

R1 190.00 incl. VAT. Use the code eCPD15 at checkout.

Normal Cost: R1 400.00 incl. VAT

CPD Points: 10 CEUs

Duration: 10 Hours

This course provides information on the Treatment Plans for the use of Medical Cannabis in patients as well as guidelines on how to discuss the use of Medical Cannabis with your patients. There are 7 modules which cover topics such as the Early History of Cannabis which covers the Laws and Regulations of its use, the Endocannabinoid System, Cannabinoids and Terpenes, Therapeutic uses of Cannabis as well as the side effects of Cannabis use.

To learn more, click HERE.

Medical Professional Cannabis

LAUNCH SPECIAL:  The 15% discounted cost is

R2 380.00 incl. VAT. Use the code eCPD15 at checkout.

Normal Cost: R2 800.00 incl. VAT

CPD Points: 20 CEUs

Duration: 20 Hours

This course is the most current, complete, and comprehensive Medical Cannabis Certification program currently available. It is a comprehensive course consisting of 12 modules and covers topics such as information on the forms of treatment with Medical Cannabis, treatment dosages as well as contraindications to the use of Medical Cannabis. This course also covers the legalities surrounding the use of Medical Cannabis in South Africa.

To learn more, click HERE.

Alternatively, please visit our website at for any further information.

AOSIS Oct 2021

Launch special valid until Tuesday, 2 November at 8:00 am.



Purple Mash is an educational, creative, and inspiring tool that engages pupils in over 7,000 schools worldwide. It includes a collection of essential child friendly, ergonomically designed tools, games and activities.  

2Simple 1

With Purple Mash teachers and learners have access to a wealth of interactive resources across core subjects and more, lesson plans, curriculum links and a collection of time saving tools including: quick assignment of work via 2Dos; self- marking curriculum activities; ability to assign objectives and judgements to any piece of work and bespoke data reporting too. 

Purple Mash contains free home access for all pupils and works across a range of different devices, from tablets to electronic whiteboards.  

Contact one of the 2Simple team members for more info on or Phone: +27 84 502 4777.

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AOSIS Publishing: Journal of Insulin Resistance now re-established

The Journal of Insulin Resistance is back!

After a short break in 2020, AOSIS is excited to announce that this open access scholarly journal is now re-established, expanding the selection of Health and Veterinary Science publications.

The Journal of Insulin Resistance (JIR) is a peer-reviewed, clinically oriented open access journal covering advances in disorders related to insulin resistance. Articles will focus on pathophysiology, prevention, management and advancing therapy for different patient populations with insulin resistance and related disorders, including obesity, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, non-alcoholic steato-hepatitis, Alzheimer’s dementia, sexual dysfunction, amongst others. Read more…

AOSIS is also delighted to announce that they have appointed Doctor Caryn Zinn as the new Editor-in-Chief of the journal. Dr Zinn an AUT senior lecturer and NZ Registered Dietitian. She joins the team with an impressive CV and considerable experience around nutrition relating to metabolic health, and sport, both in the research and clinical practice context.

All researchers are called uponto submit their latest manuscripts towards the journal. Articles can be submitted online at

Please refer to the submissions procedure when submitting your original manuscripts. The author guidelines include information about the types of articles accepted in the publication, as well as instructions on preparing a manuscript for submission.

Other relevant information about the journal’s policies and the reviewing process can be found under the about section.


PurpleZA is the latest company that has joined the ranks of ADESSA members – ADESSA is delighted to welcome the company and its leaders to be part of our professional body.

Purple logo with slogan

PurpleZA is professional development that: 

  • provides agency
  • is differentiated
  • is personalised
  • builds community
  • sparks JOY!

Purple PD lets your teachers choose when, where, what, and how they learn. Making sure it’s all about them: their subject, their interests, their skill level, their way! World-class PD for innovative schools. 

PurpleZA offers a gamified platform connecting schools to learning, workshops connecting questions to answers, webinars connecting edtech to pedagogies, events connecting teachers to purpose and a tribe which connects the very best kind of world-changing humans – to each other!

PurpleZA is all about


School sports administration has been simplified and streamlined with the forward thinking of the SportsCap Sports Management Software.

Dated and time-consuming manual processing is a thing of the past with SportsCap’s easy to use and slick interface.

Integration is the buzz word and that is exactly what this software does.

With exciting features such as automatic age banding logic, the ability to capture team sheets, fixtures and results as well as load reports and essential data, seamless integration into Edupac’s already established software, as well as automatic BokSmart integration, SportsCap is the full circle sports admin solution. 

SportsCap are the developers and official software partners for BokSmart and is proud to announce the launch of this exciting new software, which will be available as of January 2022.

Sportscap 1 Sept 2021

17 Reasons why Clevertouch should be your #1 Choice!

  1. First to market with touchscreen tech in 2009
  2. Multi award winning touchscreen manufacturer
  3. Purpose built technology
  4. FREE Software (Lynx Whiteboard, Nuiteq Snowflake, Remote Management, Clevershare, Clevertouch Live)
  5. FREE Training
  6. Free app store (Cleverstore 2.0)
  7. Open platform to support all brands of learner and teacher devices
  8. Share Content to any device
  9. Dual platform for Windows or Android use
  10. Enhanced stylus capabilities
  11. Super Glide Surface
  12. Dual pen/finger mode
  13. Never miss the latest edition of Clevertouch with Over-the-Air updates
  14. 5 year warranty
  15. Smart Personalised Account Profile – NFC (Single Sign on)
  16. Lock settings and monitor your screens to enhance security
  17. Works independently from the network and you can create your own hot spot
Clevertouch 5 August 2021