d6 Empowers Schools to Create a Positive, Engaged School Community

Enhance the connection between your school and its community by fostering open and effective communication.

As a school leader and staff member, you are critical in ensuring parents are informed and engaged in their child’s education. We understand the challenges schools face regarding communication, such as

  • outstanding documents, reply slips and essential information
  • the high costs of printer maintenance, toner and paper
  • the chaos in managing various instant managing channels
  • inaccuracies in contact information, and more.

Effective school communication empowers all members involved in a learner’s success. Using the right tools and support, you can create an effective school environment where everyone in your community feels involved and supported.

With d6, you can

  • Save costs by eliminating outdated and costly communication methods.
  • Expand your communication reach by utilising one platform to send SMS, E-mail and in-App communications.
  • Keep your parents engaged and involved by creating rich content (messages, announcements, surveys, polls, videos, calendar events, documents and more).
  • Keep your parents informed in real-time by posting messages on the go (cancellations of curricular activities, urgent announcements, and more).
  • Target the right people with the right message by being able to communicate to either parents, learners, or both.

Take the first step towards building a stronger, more connected school community by choosing d6’s communication management solutions. Contact d6 at sales@d6.co.za

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