Digital Education Group offers HR Audit

The Digital Education Group has a unique methodology and approach applied transversely, providing the full solution to your human capital management needs.

What is HR Audit? It includes, but is not limited to:  

1 Job Architecture; Human Resources and deliverables vs strategic business planning.

2 Job Profiles auditing and change, accurate against needs of organization (Job title / Job Description alignment).

3 Organogram speaks to the correct structure and volume of your human resources for high output of deliverables and productivity.

4 Gap analysis > Employee vs Job Description identification (Skills Development/Succession planning/Career planning).

5 Value of each position within the organization (Salary benchmarking moving towards Internal Equity).

6 Management by an online platform which is handed over to client on completion of project plan, with full training to ensure usage going forward.

A detailed HR Audit schedule and report is submitted on completion of audits.

Deliverables incorporated within the HR Audit are outlined in accordance with company requests.

Use Innovation and Technology to simplify your HR Administrative requirements and record keeping.

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