It’s that stressful time of the year where learners have to choose subjects heading into Grade 10 or make a choice for their post-school studies; without knowing which career path they want to pursue after matric. Optimi Classroom, in partnership with Career Compass, has the solution to help your learners make these difficult decisions a little easier. 

ITSI 1 June 2020

In just 30 minutes, your learners can have the answers to many of their career questions!  All learners have to do is complete an online questionnaire. The questionnaire is based on Dr John L. Holland’s scientifically proven personality theory, which is the most widely used career counselling theory in the world. 
After completing the questionnaire, your learners will receive:

  • Career options suited to their personalities
  • Instant and personalised results
  • Career insights


Get Career Compass free for all our Grade 12 learners. Offer valid until 30 June.

Click here to request free access for your Grade 12 learners.

Click here to view brochure.

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