Featured Healthcare Accredited CPD Courses: April 2022

eCPD Healthcare (healthcare-ecpd.co.za) offers CPD courses accredited by the HPCSAHPCNA, and AHPCSA.

Health Awareness Month, observed in April each year, is designed to build public awareness about the general understanding and knowledge about health, healthcare and its services, health needs, diseases, and preventive measures

We have four new CPD courses dedicated to advancing your knowledge in health awareness, please view them here.

This month’s new CPD courses in each featured field of practice are (select each below):

  1. Speech Therapy and Audiology
  2. Biokinetics
  3. Clinical Technology
  4. Dentistry
  5. Dietetics
  6. Emergency Care
  7. Environmental Health
  8. Medical technology
  9. Medicine
  10. Nursing
  11. Occupational Therapy
  12. Pharmacy
  13. Physiotherapy
  14. Psychology

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