Featured Healthcare Accredited CPD Courses: February 2022

eCPD Healthcare (healthcare-ecpd.co.za) offers CPD courses accredited by the HPCSAHPCNA, and AHPCSA.

As cancer is potentially a very serious and life-threatening condition, for Cancer Awareness Day on 4 February 2022 we tried to highlight the importance of the day through our CPD courses.

We have three new courses dedicated to advancing your knowledge in cancer treatment:

  1. Ototoxicity in children with cancer
  2. Oral cavity and lip cancer – risk factors, pathogenesis, and prevention
  3. Susceptibility to Infectious Diseases in Cancer Patients

In addition, we offer three Medical Cannabis specialised courses to help you learn about the use of Medical Cannabis in patients:

Lastly, this month’s featured Express CPD courses (access them with an annual membership) are:

  1. Counselling and Psychotherapy: Negotiating retirement
    The aim of this article was to analyse the effect of work-retirement transitions on post-retirement mental health in individuals with different working conditions in late working life.
  2. Intensive Care: Post-Intensive Care Syndrome & COVID-19
    The aim of this article is to provide a review of recent advances and perspectives of PICS and additional challenges of COVID-19.
  3. Physiotherapy: BeBo Concept: Physiotherapy management of Urinary Incontinence in woman after Natural Childbirth
    In this article the effects of the BeBo Concept on improving urinary incontinence in woman after their first vaginal delivery is evaluated.
  4. Neurology: Understanding the Management of Parkinson’s: Drug and Non-Drug Treatment Options
    The aim of this article is to allow healthcare professionals to review the different therapies available to treat Parkinson’s.

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