Featured Healthcare Accredited CPD Courses: January 2022

eCPD Healthcare (healthcare-ecpd.co.za) offers CPD courses accredited by the HPCSAHPCNA, and AHPCSA.

This month we support Skin Cancer Awareness month. Did you know that sunburn can occur within 15 minutes, causing permanent, irreversible damage?

The World Cancer Research Fund states that skin cancer is the most common cancer worldwide. As South Africa has one of the highest monitored ultraviolet (UV) levels globally, it also has one of the highest incidences of skin cancer globally. Read more.

This month’s featured Express CPD courses (access them with an annual membership) are:

  1. Ethics and the Law: Title Ethics in occupational health within the African context
    Critically look at the role and function of ethics in an African context compared to the same in a typical developed Western environment.
  2. Speech Therapy: Chronic Cough and Speech Therapy
    The role of Speech Therapist in treating an unexplained chronic cough, as well as other underlying laryngeal conditions.
  3. Pharmacology: Various Therapeutic Applications of Chloroquine
    Learn the therapeutic applications of chloroquine on various diseases and the mechanisms of actions.
  4. Gynaecology: COVID-19 Infection in Pregnancy and Neonatal outcomes
    Learn the effect of COVID-19 in pregnant women and how it affects the baby after birth.

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