Features of the EduAssets system

The EduAssets system is a turn key solution for proper asset and text book management for the education industry. The system is locally developed and maintained by Zure Technologies (Pty) Ltd.


The system is a month-to-month subscription agreement without contractual tie-ups.

Payment options available are EFT, Credit card or Debit order.

EduAssets is 100% developed and maintained in South Africa and was developed by user input, specifically with the local market needs and requirements in mind.

Text book management is made easy with this system and reports can be downloaded at any stage on the wareabouts of text books.

EduAssets is designed to work with 1 and 2D barcodes as well as RFID technology.

Although the Admin desktop software was developed to run on Windows OS only, there is also a web interface available where customers can log-in, to view asset and text book details.

Users can be added with different rights and each user can be configured to only see his own project or division data. Specific functions on the mobile app can be made available on a user level.

Each user log in with their own credentials so that there is a complete user log of all transactions and complete traceability is therefore possible.

We offer a comprehensive training and skills transfer on the system as to assure that each user is familiar with the workings and capabilities.

Book your free, no obligation demo on the system at EduAssets.co.za

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