Information Technology offers JTouch 4.0 Interactive Touch Displays and Mondopad Ultra 4.0 Upgrade Option

Featuring new user experiences and updated industrial design, three new JTouch models, INF6540e, INF7540e, INF8640e, provide flexible and collaborative touchscreen solutions specifically designed to meet the unique needs of any team or space.

Info tech 13 May 2020

With something for every space, including classrooms, boardrooms, or small huddle spaces, the new JTouch line includes features to make meetings and lessons more productive. The displays are based on InFocus SkyBond technology which provides 5th generation IR bonding, 20 points touch, anti-glare coating, and anti-fingerprint protection. Users can utilize the 4K business-grade touchscreen with embedded Android 8.0 and a suite of apps for casting, whiteboarding, viewing documents, and browsing the web.

The new JTouch can be easily upgraded to Mondopad Ultra version 4.0, INFMPULTRA, providing a complete all-in-one collaboration platform supporting video conferencing with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, WebEX, etc and real-time collaboration with Office 365 and Google Cloud. Mondopad Ultra 4.0 Is also optimized for real time whiteboarding and screen share with the ConX network.

JTouch 4.0 and Mondopad Ultra 4.0 are now included in our May price list. These products and data sheets are featured on our website or

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