Master Mindset 

Education communities around the world are abuzz with the idea of Growth Mindset. But so what, who cares if we can grow our brain’s capacity to learn and solve problems? What does embracing a growth mindset actually mean for educators? And does a growth mindset have any practical implications for the way we teach, assign tasks, conduct assessments and provide feedback?  

This series guides teachers on a journey of discovering answers to these questions and cooking up some practical strategies for helping students develop a growth mindset. Can you become a Mindset Master and create a winning culture in your classroom to surprise and delight those at your learning table? 


  • Fixed vs Growth: Mastering the Mindset basics
  • Fostering Growth Mindset: Tasty Task Design
  • Fostering Growth Mindset: Real Results and Nourishing Praise 
  • Fostering Growth Mindset: Rethinking the Report Comment Recipe

Date: Weekly starting Tuesday, 16 August 2022 

Time: 15:30 – 16:30

Cost:  Tickets are R99 per session, R179 for 2, R249 for 3 or R359 for the complete series. (Free for PurpleZA schools)

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