Money made easy with Snapplify and Sticitt Pay

Sticitt, a prepaid payment system for education used by 617 schools in South Africa, have integrated with Snapplify to make payments even easier.

Thousands of schools are already using Snapplify’s solutions to purchase prescribed textbooks (both digital and hardcopy), access free textbooks for teachers, download teaching resources, find professional development courses and build reading skills using an e-library.

Using a Sticitt Pay wallet, accessed through the D6 connect app, users can perform a variety of payments: from school payments, clothing stores and tuck-shop spend, can now add Snapplify purchases to that list. Thanks to the integration, parents and teachers can purchase their school books from Snapplify Engage using Sticitt wallet as a preferred payment option, making textbook acquisition a seamless process.

Use your Sticitt Pay wallet at any Snapplify store or partners integrated with pay to purchase:

With the added pressure of ever-evolving school activities often perpendicularly meeting the demands of life, payments should be frictionless. By expanding their capabilities and partnering with FSPs like Sticitt, Snapplify is hoping to support parents and teachers by reducing financial administration.

Get the full benefit of Snapplify and Sticitt pay – everything you need to teach, learn and collaborate.  For more information, interview requests or image requests, please contact Snapplify on or +27(0)21 975 7192. 

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