Optimi – a household name in the education and training industry

Optimi Group is a learning solutions company that offers solutions through four divisions – Home, College, Classroom and Workplace.

Optimi was established when PSG invested in homeschooling provider Impaq (then called Impak) in 2012. Since then, the company has grown by merging and acquiring other education and training businesses that complement its offering, including Media Works, ITSI, CollegeSA, CAMI Education, Tuta-Me, IT Academy, and various smaller learning and content providers. These mergers and acquisitions have provided Optimi with a comprehensive range of resources and skills to deliver world-class learning solutions to its customers.

CAMI and ITSI have been members of ADESSA for a long time, and now their membership is consolidated in Optimi.

Part of the PSG Group, Optimi is quickly becoming a household name in the education and training industry.

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