Positive use of Purple Mash

A few days ago we posted some information about Purple Mash, a tool distributed by 2Simple. It is good to hear positive reports about the use products of ADESSA members that we are showcasing on this platform.

Teachers from Brackenhurst Primary School made the following comments:

Purple Mash is the best educational app the school has, it has a lot of educational games and it helps in making learners understand concepts being taught in class a lot better, says Tracey Tshabalala.

Alliyah Gregory adds: I love Purple Mash because it allows learners to work independently and gain confidence. Purple Mash is a great platform for learners to express themselves and learn in a fun and totally immersive way where they can take their time to truly enjoy it.

2Simple 27 June 2022

Purple Mash is an all-inclusive suite of online learning tools and content, designed for children aged 3 to 13. (Grades 1-7) in the classroom and at home. Purple Mash supports learning through its resources, games and creative tools, tailored to the school curriculum; everything from core subjects such as computers, maths, art, reading, writing and phonics, and to all the other topics learnt in school. The learners learn to be creative and to think spontaneously. E.g. Grade 1-3 are able to create their own music beat in Mini Mash and enjoy it.

Learners enjoy it because there is an extremely wide variety of activities to choose from which are covered in all subjects. From Grade 1 Learners are now familiar with E-learning through Purple Mash and they enjoy even the challenging activities. Learners are even able to explore Purple Mash by themselves.

Purple Mash definitely enhances the development of E-learning in Primary Schools.

Schoolscape IT 2022: Edtech working together to make life easier for schools 

At this year’s Schoolscape IT conference, you will be shown how tech works together in 3 real-life classrooms hosted by real school IT managers. Added to this, 50 local and international tech and edtech players will show you how their tech can work together. From coding and robotics to interactive hardware and loads more. 

Due to limited space, the event is only for school IT managers, edtech implementers, IT teachers, heads, deputies, HODs, school management teams, SGB members and bursars. 

You are invited to join for free on the 19th of August in Cape Town or the 25th in Joburg. You will earn CPTD points for attending! https://schoolscape.co.za/it

Schooladvisor 25 June 2022

A letter from Master Maths and Science to teachers

Master Maths and Science, one of the founding members of ADESSA, is addressing a special letter to all teachers.

Masttermaths 24 June 2022

Dear Teacher

Assisting learners that struggle to come to grips with Mathematics and Physical Science is our world; has been for the last 40+ years. This year we have seen the impact of the last two years on learners’ understanding or remembrance of basics concepts.  This must be a nightmare for you as a teacher.

How can we help you?

A bit more info about us.

At Master Maths and Science we do not, and can not, attempt to replace the teacher. Our role is to support the teacher.

We will therefore not:

  • do the learners’ homework
  • insist that our method be used if the learner understands another method
  • teach by rote
  • offer quick-fix solutions (there is none)

Our aim is to develop independent and confident learners.

How do we achieve this?

Our system is developed by teachers to teach the subject content. The key player in our system is the tutor whose main role is to reinforce the teaching programme. The system allows the tutor to effectively assess students on a continuous basis.

  • Good results in Mathematics and Physical Science are dependent on understanding and remembering what was learnt yesterday, last week, last month, last year, etc.
  • Different learners learn and understand at different rates.
  • Different learners require different approaches.
  • We understand that teachers do not have the time to cater for the exception – you do your best to move the classroom along to finish the required work in the available time.
  • We have the ability through our product and system to work with learners on an individual basis to fix problems, so that learners can understand their teacher in the classroom.

Master Maths and Science learners acquire a learning skill, improved understanding, and the ability to do deal with the subjects with confidence, making your task lighter and can contribute to the results you need.

If you feel your learners can benefit from our service, please refer them to the local Master Maths and Science centre. There is one in your area.

Visit our website for more information: www.mastermaths.co.za

Featured AOSIS eCPD Healthcare Accredited Courses: June 2022

AOSIS 22 June 2022.png

eCPD Healthcare (healthcare-ecpd.co.za) offers CPD courses accredited by the HPCSA, HPCNA, and AHPCSA.

World Brain Tumour Day

On World Brain Tumour Day, observed on 08 June each year, we commemorated all those who have been affected by brain cancer. Read this news article to learn more about the possible causes of brain tumours and some of the treatment options.

We have one new CPD course dedicated to advancing your knowledge in brain tumours: A summary of all the literature regards Intra-arterial therapy as a treatment for brain tumours

New Specialised CPD Course

We have one new specialised CPD course: Telehealth, Ethics and the Virtual Consultation: A Primer for R1000 incl. VAT. Earn 5 CPD Points.

This course focusses on virtual consultations which is one of the telehealth modalities that delivers healthcare via electronic channels. It specifically enables healthcare practitioners to consult patients who cannot attend face-to-face appointments. Virtual consultation is often utilised to serve remote communities and has been used extensively during the recent pandemic. This course is for healthcare practitioners who plan to do virtual consultations or who wish to improve their current telehealth practice. This course is provided to you in association with the South African Academy of Family Physicians (SAAFP).

This month’s new CPD courses in each featured field of practice are (select each below):

View all new express CPD courses

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For any questions, please contact support@ecpd.co.za

AOSIS eLearning: Moodle best practice – testing when you’re new to Moodle

When considering any type of software it is always best practice to first test the product before investing in it. This will allow you to see if the software features will meet your needs and in the long-term attribute to meeting your business goals.

AOSIS 20 June 2022

We recommend the following two options:

  1. A downloadable installation for either Mac (Moodle packages for Mac OS X) or Windows (Moodle packages for Windows) that you can install on your local computer for testing.
  2. An online site where you can test Moodle’s features without downloading it to your computer Visit the Moodle demo site. There are two options available for you; i) the Mount Orange School Demo which has populated courses to showcase Moodle features and to highlight the enhancements that each new Moodle version brings. You can navigate through the courses as either a teacher, admin, manager, student or parent, or ii) the Sandbox Moodle section of the site, which is. an empty (no learning content loaded) version of Moodle to experience its capabilities. It gives you a sense of the user-interface design within the latest version of Moodle. You are welcome to add learning content to the Sandbox area to see how the features work. Just note that the learning content may be available to other visitors to the site, so be thoughtful of what content you load. After a certain period of time the site resets itself clearing up any changes that were made.

We are a Certified Moodle Partner and can assist with demonstrations and to answer any questions you may have. Please contact us at elearning.support@aosis.co.za

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Join the world of Purple Mash

Purple Mash is an educational, creative, and inspiring tool that engages pupils in over 7,000 schools worldwide. It includes a collection of essential child friendly, ergonomically designed tools, games and activities.  

Purple Mash contains free home access for all pupils and works across a range of different devices, from tablets to electronic whiteboards.  

Features & Benefits of Purple Mash for your classroom:

  1. Purple Mash is mapped to the CAPS Curriculum
  2. Purple Mash has over 15000 ready to use resources which can be customized or translated into any language.
  3. Purple Mash and Python in Pieces both have single sign in options for Google and Microsoft
  4. Both Purple Mash and Python in Pieces are web-based, meaning all larger screen devices (PC’s, tablets) can access the software at any time.
  5. An easy-to-use activity allocation system with a built-in assessment platform.
2simple 18 June 2022

For more details,  visit 2simple.com

Master Mindset

Purple 14 June 2022 1

Education communities around the world are abuzz with the idea of Growth Mindset. But so what, who cares if we can grow our brain’s capacity to learn and solve problems? What does embracing a growth mindset actually mean for educators? And does a growth mindset have any practical implications for the way we teach, assign tasks, conduct assessments and provide feedback?  

This series guides teachers on a journey of discovering answers to these questions and cooking up some practical strategies for helping students develop a growth mindset. Can you become a Mindset Master and create a winning culture in your classroom to surprise and delight those at your learning table? 


Fixed vs Growth: Mastering the Mindset basics

Fostering Growth Mindset: Tasty Task Design

Fostering Growth Mindset: Real Results and Nourishing Praise 

Fostering Growth Mindset: Rethinking the Report Comment Recipe

Date: Starts 2 August 2022 (Sessions are repeated on Tuesday’s & Thursdays)

Time: 15:30 – 16:30

Cost:  Tickets are R99 per session, R179 for 2, R249 for 3 or R359 for the complete series. (Free for PurpleZA schools)

To register, click HERE.

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