Pattern Recognition and Problem Solving in Coding and Robotics

One of the strands covered by the South African Foundation Phase Coding and Robotics curriculum is Pattern Recognition and Problem solving.  Cambridge’s Connect Coding and Robotics addresses this strand and is a great aid to teachers.

Learning to identify abstract and geometric patterns is an integral part of the Design and Computational Thinking process, assisting learners in solving problems. ​

​The following skills and concepts are taught in the Pattern Recognition and Problem-solving strand: ​

  • Identification and analysis of regularities, repetitions and change in patterns that increases in size and number consisting of physical objects, drawings and symbolic forms to make predictions and solve problems.
  • Description of patterns and relationships using symbolic expressions and grids.
  • The identification of code patterns through the sequences of lines, shapes and objects in the world. 

Patterns can be physical objects, drawings or symbolic forms. Learning to identify patterns is an integral part of the design and computational thinking processes, which will assist learners in solving problems. 

Download the Cambridge Connect Coding and Robotics brochure here.

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