Positive use of Purple Mash

A few days ago we posted some information about Purple Mash, a tool distributed by 2Simple. It is good to hear positive reports about the use products of ADESSA members that we are showcasing on this platform.

Teachers from Brackenhurst Primary School made the following comments:

Purple Mash is the best educational app the school has, it has a lot of educational games and it helps in making learners understand concepts being taught in class a lot better, says Tracey Tshabalala.

Alliyah Gregory adds: I love Purple Mash because it allows learners to work independently and gain confidence. Purple Mash is a great platform for learners to express themselves and learn in a fun and totally immersive way where they can take their time to truly enjoy it.

Purple Mash is an all-inclusive suite of online learning tools and content, designed for children aged 3 to 13. (Grades 1-7) in the classroom and at home. Purple Mash supports learning through its resources, games and creative tools, tailored to the school curriculum; everything from core subjects such as computers, maths, art, reading, writing and phonics, and to all the other topics learnt in school. The learners learn to be creative and to think spontaneously. E.g. Grade 1-3 are able to create their own music beat in Mini Mash and enjoy it.

Learners enjoy it because there is an extremely wide variety of activities to choose from which are covered in all subjects. From Grade 1 Learners are now familiar with E-learning through Purple Mash and they enjoy even the challenging activities. Learners are even able to explore Purple Mash by themselves.

Purple Mash definitely enhances the development of E-learning in Primary Schools.

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