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Every teacher is a language teacher.

Reading comprehension forms the foundation of learning. However, according to the Progress in International Reading Literacy Study (PIRLS) 2016, which assessed the reading comprehension skills of fourth-grade students in South Africa, approximately 78% of South African Grade 4 learners cannot read for understanding. This is something that needs to be addressed in all subjects and not just left to those who teach Home Language. Since the success of all other subjects relies on a learner’s ability to read and process information, a lack of ‘reading to understand’ directly impacts the entire learning ecosystem.

So what can we do about it?

We need to position ourselves as educators who drive comprehension beyond the nitty-gritty of the language classroom. Teacha! Inspire’s new course, Unlocking Understanding, provides you with research-based, practical strategies and techniques that you can use to enhance your learners’ reading comprehension abilities in all subjects. The course equips you with easy-to-use tools to unlock your learner’s potential. Best of all, you can start them in any classroom from tomorrow. There is no need for a major classroom practice overhaul!

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