Reading barriers should never allow a child to struggle academically

With the evolution of assistive technologies such as text to speech (TTS), it’s now become easier for learners with learning barriers to tackle the challenges that come their way. The challenges caused by dyslexia in reading and writing can be alleviated.

TTS allows a person with a reading barrier to listen to written words and speech sounds through a read-aloud function, addressing the many problems experienced by these learners, including, the misidentification of words, slow word reading, and connecting text that often results in difficulties with comprehension. Besides, it improves word recognition and helps dyslexic readers with proofreading as they can view the text while simultaneously listening to the corresponding audio.

Exam Portal is an innovative, cost-effective, and locally developed TTS Windows-based program aimed at meeting the needs of learners with reading differences at home and at school. Exam Portal is the only South African TTS assessment program on the market that supports all 11 official South African languages to help provide comprehensive reading support to dyslexic learners who ordinarily require the assistance of human readers. Plus, Exam Portal now supports highly accurate speech to text (STT) in English, Afrikaans and IsiZulu.

Providing learners access to TTS and STT technology is the most efficient solution in solving reading challenges that dyslexic learners are faced with. TTS removes the hurdles of the printed word in any language, providing a level playing field for all learners.

To learn more about Exam Portal, please contact V-Soft Technologies on 011 452 5566 and

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