Science that moves students from failure to rewards

“The human brain has 86 billion neurons with around 100 trillion connections – no computer can match that – now imagine you can use all this potential to train intelligence. That is what we have done,” said Tomas Marshall, CEO of M3line, a South African research and development company working in the field of visual processing. M3line also sponsors students in schools, colleges and universities who have difficulty learning or those who want to excel in their studies.

An awards function was held by the South African company Lectorsa (a member of ADESSA) on Friday, 3 February, to celebrate individuals and institutions assisting students in improving their learning abilities. Marshall told attendees at the function how the physics of muscle training and the science of neuro-modulation was packaged into a solution that develops the brain to establish enhanced neuro pathways. “This solution expands pathways that run through the brain like little footpaths in the bush into super highways that can transport information at extraordinary rates.”

Lectorsa, backed by 40 years of research and development, designed this revolutionary solution to help individual students develop the skills and acquire strategies to visually take in more information (see more), read faster and remember better. This is done via mobile and web-based apps. The online solution, aptly called Eyebraingym, will help any student to see more, read faster, remember better and think clearer.

It would all sound a little too good to be true, were it not for the accolades bestowed on the solution by users, which include individual students, schools, colleges, universities and other learning centres.

“It is a pleasure to work with a product that delivers much more than it promises. We see lives that have been touched and changed by Eyebraingym at our learning centre,” said Daleen Janse van Rensburg of the Read, Learn, Live Educational Centre during the awards function. “I see how the solution instils hope in students when they discover who they are, how to master themselves, and then start mastering the world around them.”

They have been using the solution for many years now and Van Rensburg tells many success stories, like the student from a single-parent home who failed her first term of grade 4. After using the Eyebraingym solution for only one term she improved to the extent that she received an academic award at the end of the year – moving from failing to receiving an award!

Marnus Venter of Aros (Academy of Reformatory Training and Study) said they found using the Eyebraingym solution so beneficial, they made it mandatory for all students. Aros is a vocation-driven tertiary institute training teachers and is growing at a tremendous rate. “We saw a 100% improvement in reading speed and reaction time in our students after using the solution.”

The facilitators at Read, Learn, Live Educational Centre were surprised to find that the male students are willing to forgo time on the sports field to engage with the solution. “It is an enjoyable activity and the game-like features and the fact that they can track their improvement makes it attractive to the students,” said Daleen Janse van Rensburg.

With their Platinum Awards Lectorsa celebrated the great achievements of their partners who developed many students’ visual processing, reading, comprehension and visual intelligence through Eyebraingym. “The amazing fact is, the solution can train the brain within eight to twelve weeks – effectively improving intelligence in three months,” said Minda Marshall, Director of and spokesperson for Lectorsa.

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