(Electronic Portfolio of Evidence)

Welcome to the world of technology advanced services!

Digital Education Group, a member of ADESSA, is proud to introduce you to the EPOE4all. Understanding the core elements required in the functionality of an electronic portfolio of evidence, all the needs of their clients are taken seriously, ensuring a user friendly and fully integrated Portfolio of Evidence.

EPOE4ALL is more simplistic from a user perspective with added functionality and workflows built in to ensure elimination of human error and a new dynamic user experience for all. Information is easily located, free flowing and most importantly the controls and much more adaptive to the needs of you, our valued client. Including customized reporting, tracking of activities, document library, exports, imports, and Dashboard functionality.

Customized security levels for all users, with a logical workflow incorporated. Messaging, mailing ensuring communication channels are continuously for all users, including a “nudge” notification of work to be done per user.

The QCTO and Seta requirements are met with added security and sign off protocol. Detailed auditing reports can be supplied, and authenticity of users constantly checked and signed off electronically. We are in the process of having the EPOE4ALL approved/supported by the Setas and QCTO alongside our pre-existing EPOE which has already been supported by these entities for over 2 years now.

For more information, contact Digital Education:

010 035 2163

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