Got red pen fever? Feel like you’re in survival mode when it comes to assessment? You no longer need to brave the wilderness alone. Join us as we put techy tools to the test and discover how we can streamline assessment, gamify assessment, gather learner data, provide learners with immediate feedback plus make assessment both interactive and fun! You may not win a million dollars but once the tribe has spoken, at the very least your sanity will be saved and your teaching torch will live to shine its light another day. 


Baseline Basics: Mentimeter and Socrative 

Self-marking Splendour: Forms and Formative (17 / 19 May)

Low-tech Checks: Plickers and Zipgrade (24 /26 May)

Gamification Goodness: Quizlet and Quizizz (31 May / 2 June)

Flipping Fabulous: Flipgrid and EdPuzzle (7/9 June)

Date: Starts 10 May 2022 (Sessions are repeated on Tuesdays & Thursdays)

Time: 15:30 – 16:30

Cost: R99 per person per session, R269 for 3, R359 for 4 or R449 for the complete series. (Free for PurpleZA schools)

Register by clicking HERE.

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