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Enhance your remote teaching with Parrot Products

Parrot Products offers Hard Wired & Software solutions to facilitate interactive teaching from single to multiple environments.

Hard Wired solutions allow teachers without internet or a network to connect their Touch LED panels, monitors, TV or projector displays to other connected displays by HDMI Daisy Chaining.

Teachers who only have a network can opt for the Parrot Classroom Management software, allowing teachers to stream content from their display to other connected devices such as Touch LED Panels or Projectors.

Teachers who have both internet & a network can make use of the ParrotEdu Bronze, ParrotEdu Silver or ParrotEdu Gold Solutions that include Interactive Whiteboard Software & Training.

Through their added value offerings of free site assessments, quotations and after sales servicing, Parrot Products can determine solutions bested suited to the needs of the educators and learners.

For more information please contact 010 140 4900 / sales@parrot.co.za  or visit www.parrot.co.za

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Parrot Silver
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Technology disruption in the classroom

When we put technology in the hands of students, teachers fear the many possible ways in which this could disrupt their lessons. Winston Churchill said: “When I look back on all these worries, I remember the story of the old man who said on his deathbed that he had a lot of trouble in his life, most of which never happened.” This is so true in general, and it also applies to the worry that technology will disrupt learning in the classroom.   However, one must think about the positive possibilities and then see how we can handle disruptions when they happen.

An immediate solution that presents itself is to have a no-device policy in schools.  Cell phones are banned, as well as other electronic devices, except maybe calculators.  But is that the best way to go about things?   In the past students were distracted by writing notes or letters and sending them along in the class.  Did teachers react by banning paper?  Of course not!  They found other ways to handle the situation.  The same should be true of technology.