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Schoolscape IT 2022: Edtech working together to make life easier for schools 

At this year’s Schoolscape IT conference, you will be shown how tech works together in 3 real-life classrooms hosted by real school IT managers. Added to this, 50 local and international tech and edtech players will show you how their tech can work together. From coding and robotics to interactive hardware and loads more. 

Due to limited space, the event is only for school IT managers, edtech implementers, IT teachers, heads, deputies, HODs, school management teams, SGB members and bursars. 

You are invited to join for free on the 19th of August in Cape Town or the 25th in Joburg. You will earn CPTD points for attending! https://schoolscape.co.za/it

Schooladvisor 25 June 2022

AOSIS eLearning News – March 2022

AOSIS 24 March 2022

Invitation to MoodleMoot Global  

We are excited to announce that the third MoodleMoot Global will return as an in-person conference September 27-29 in Barcelona, Spain!

As a Certified Moodle Partner of South Africa, we encourage you to attend this event.

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AOSIS eLearning Content Development

With tools like Articulate 360 and Adobe Captivate, we bring your static learning material into an environment that is both interactive for the learner and cost-effective and scalable.  SCORM and xAPI will be compatible to run on any learning platform.

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How can you bulk add users to my Moodle?

As a Moodle Partner we love providing useful resources. This video shows you how you can add users to your Moodle site by bulk uploading their details. It also explains how to enrol them into courses at the same time as you add them to your Moodle site. View: https://bit.ly/3tYpD8A

This month’s tested Moodle plugin and Moodle best practice is:

  • Tested Moodle plugin – User Suspension

This plugin allows you to disable users automatically, based on pre-set rules, so that they cannot log in to your Moodle site. As a Certified Moodle Partner of South Africa we can assist with its installation.

  • Moodle best practice – Managing your managers and teachers

Manage your managers and teachers by setting up an internal team, with not too many users per role, and divide tasks amongst them so that people don’t accidentally delete or edit something someone else was working on. As a Certified Moodle Partner of South Africa we can assist with guiding you.

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