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Featured AOSIS eCPD Healthcare Accredited Courses: June 2022

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eCPD Healthcare (healthcare-ecpd.co.za) offers CPD courses accredited by the HPCSA, HPCNA, and AHPCSA.

World Brain Tumour Day

On World Brain Tumour Day, observed on 08 June each year, we commemorated all those who have been affected by brain cancer. Read this news article to learn more about the possible causes of brain tumours and some of the treatment options.

We have one new CPD course dedicated to advancing your knowledge in brain tumours: A summary of all the literature regards Intra-arterial therapy as a treatment for brain tumours

New Specialised CPD Course

We have one new specialised CPD course: Telehealth, Ethics and the Virtual Consultation: A Primer for R1000 incl. VAT. Earn 5 CPD Points.

This course focusses on virtual consultations which is one of the telehealth modalities that delivers healthcare via electronic channels. It specifically enables healthcare practitioners to consult patients who cannot attend face-to-face appointments. Virtual consultation is often utilised to serve remote communities and has been used extensively during the recent pandemic. This course is for healthcare practitioners who plan to do virtual consultations or who wish to improve their current telehealth practice. This course is provided to you in association with the South African Academy of Family Physicians (SAAFP).

This month’s new CPD courses in each featured field of practice are (select each below):

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Featured Healthcare Accredited CPD Courses: March 2022

AOSIS 17 March 2022

eCPD Healthcare (healthcare-ecpd.co.za) offers CPD courses accredited by the HPCSAHPCNA, and AHPCSA.

World Tuberculosis Day, observed on 24 March each year, is designed to build public awareness about the global epidemic of tuberculosis and efforts to eliminate the disease. We tried to highlight the importance of the day through our CPD courses.

We have two new courses dedicated to advancing your knowledge in Tuberculosis treatment, please view them here: https://bit.ly/3MMj6Gy

This month’s new CPD courses in each featured field of practice are (select each below):

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Featured Healthcare Accredited CPD Courses: February 2022

eCPD Healthcare (healthcare-ecpd.co.za) offers CPD courses accredited by the HPCSAHPCNA, and AHPCSA.

As cancer is potentially a very serious and life-threatening condition, for Cancer Awareness Day on 4 February 2022 we tried to highlight the importance of the day through our CPD courses.

We have three new courses dedicated to advancing your knowledge in cancer treatment:

  1. Ototoxicity in children with cancer
  2. Oral cavity and lip cancer – risk factors, pathogenesis, and prevention
  3. Susceptibility to Infectious Diseases in Cancer Patients

In addition, we offer three Medical Cannabis specialised courses to help you learn about the use of Medical Cannabis in patients:

Lastly, this month’s featured Express CPD courses (access them with an annual membership) are:

  1. Counselling and Psychotherapy: Negotiating retirement
    The aim of this article was to analyse the effect of work-retirement transitions on post-retirement mental health in individuals with different working conditions in late working life.
  2. Intensive Care: Post-Intensive Care Syndrome & COVID-19
    The aim of this article is to provide a review of recent advances and perspectives of PICS and additional challenges of COVID-19.
  3. Physiotherapy: BeBo Concept: Physiotherapy management of Urinary Incontinence in woman after Natural Childbirth
    In this article the effects of the BeBo Concept on improving urinary incontinence in woman after their first vaginal delivery is evaluated.
  4. Neurology: Understanding the Management of Parkinson’s: Drug and Non-Drug Treatment Options
    The aim of this article is to allow healthcare professionals to review the different therapies available to treat Parkinson’s.

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Did you know that it costs a teacher between R150 and R300 to earn one CPD point through traditional training sessions?  AOSIS has an alternative, cost effective way to earn those points through its CPD platform, in the comfort of your own home or office.

AOSIS 29 Jan 2021

Debbie Badenhorst, an occupational therapist based in George, was excited to try out the CPD platform from AOSIS.  She said: “Since discovering AOSIS, I’ve been collecting regular clinical and ethics points.  It is a very user-friendly website, easy to understand and the process works flawlessly.”

She was so impressed with the platform that the WCED purchased  memberships for almost all the therapists in the Western Cape.  Debbie says: “Due to the COVID-restrictions this year, it was almost impossible to accumulate enough points.  This platform has made it possible for all of us to obtain points on a regular basis, at a fraction of the price of on-site workshops.”

A useful feature of the platform is that you are not restricted to articles only listed under your own profession.  Debbie has obtained many points from the list of articles under physiotherapy, speech therapy, as well as psychology, all relevant to her profession.  She adds: “I will continue my professional development through AOSIS and will also continue advertising their website to other therapists.”

For more information about how you can benefit from the DPD platform of AOSIS, please contact:

Email: health.admin@ecpd.co.za

Or visit the website.

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ADESSA welcomes AOSIS as a member

The latest organization to join the ranks of ADESSA members is AOSIS – a big welcome to them!

AOSIS was established in 1999 and have been a CPD service provider for 21 years. This organization is the largest Open Access scholarly publisher in South Africa and has published 46 Academic Journals and more than 30 open-access Academic Books over the past two years. 

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AOSIS can transform your current content into interactive e-learning courses suitable for online teaching as well as blended learning. The solutions are tailored to specific learning needs and goals, creating the desired learner engagement (by keeping learning alive, relevant, useful and continuous) to spark the desired behavioural change.

Your learning strategy can be shaped through project management, instructional design, visual design, technology, learnability, and passion.

AOSIS services include:

  • Curriculum design
  • Scripting
  • Media design and production (including eLearning video and podcast production, voice-overs)
  • Interactive Content Development
  • SCORM Packages
  • Project management
  • Moodle LMS expertise
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality.