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Electronic Portfolio of Evidence

Digital Education Group has been monitoring trends and has decided to offer the Electronic Portfolio of Evidence (EPOE) with a spin.

degsa EPOE

Many educational institutes jumped into online but have cash restraints and there is a concern about where they are storing all the submissions, assignments, tests, videos, homework and other items. The EPOE is therefore becoming important in the online educational environment.   The EPOE works as a repository and much more:

  • Reduce 65% operational costs
  • Aligned to your Curriculum and learning Outcomes
  • Branding and templates included
  • Workflows, eliminating Human Error
  • Higher level of engagement between learners, accessors and Moderator
  • Includes hosting, service and support
  • Auditing, tracking, progress monitoring and informative reporting

For more information, contact:



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Enhancing skill sets has never been easier!

COVID-19 has changed the way we think and learn. With most of the world in isolation, online education is no longer a nice to have but an essential learning model. 

Participate in the end user computing short course, helping you find your way around your online learning platforms:

  • Attaching documents
  • Word; excel; power point
  • Sending mails
  • Uploading of documents

Course offerings:

  • End user computing
  • Project Management
  • Emotional Intelligence

Courses sold online or contact Digital Education Group

Fully inclusive price of R 520.00

Duration of course/s:  between 2 to 4 weeks depending on each individual. Certificate of completion is issued on final submission of your assignment.

Contact: www.degsa.co.za or darryll@degsa.co.za

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Positive outcomes to COVID-19

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With education on the forefront, the rise, demand and need for online education is both essential and relevant

Contact Digital Education Group for your educational institute’s  fully customised Electronic Portfolio of Evidence.  Aligned and versatile to your specific training/qualification outcomes alongside the insertion of SETA/QCTO/DHET compliancy rules and regulations.  Own your own IP from R 150 000.00 excl vat. COVID-19 special.

  • Single sign on or integrated through an API
  • 35% increase in time and productivity
  • 65% cost reduction
  • 75% increase in learner, accessor and moderator engagement and outcomes
  • 95% increase in full compliancy being obtained & maintained through workflows
  • 100% tracking, auditing and reporting
  • 100% archiving and immediate extraction of any/all documents

CONTACT: www.degsa.co.za



The Digital Education Group – innovative e-solutions for all

Today we are introducing the Digital Education Group, a member of ADESSA.  The group comprises of a consortium of companies, business partners and suppliers which are focused on bringing e-Solutions to market.

DEG Logo BIG 003Understanding the constant need for change and the demands placed on clients, a wide range of e-Solutions are offered.

The group contains a wealth of skills, experience and expertise with a portfolio of e-Solutions to meet your requirements.  The range of solutions work either independently from each other or when combined unlock unique enhancements through innovation and technology.

The Core Competencies of the group are

  • Providing e-Solutions and Products
  • Immediate cost reduction and increased productivity
  • Human Capital management and development tools

Let the Digital Education Group be your peferred partner in e-Solutions and products.