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Standardize exam sittings by using Exam Portal

The Exam Portal solution can standardise your exam sittings in the following ways:

All students use the same voice, thus will receive the same level of support.

The level of support in now not dependant on the reader, but more on the student’s understanding of the work they are being tested on.

The solution will then not advantage or disadvantage a student in any way.

One school using the system, reported: “With the Exam Portal, there is uniformity in the concession for all the children. It has the added advantage that the child is in control of speeding up or slowing down the reader, making the reader louder and having questions repeated when required.”

Exam Portal is offered by V-Soft Technologies and is available in a server based solution and school only solution.

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Exam Portal can result in considerable cost savings for schools and parents. Consider the following:

Schools can administer exams in one venue, by allowing students to use headphones during the exam, which allow more than one student in a venue at the same time.

This also allows the school the ability to use less invigilators to assist students.

School can lock in their budget at the start of the year and not worry about costs increasing at the end of the year.

Schools can administer exams throughout the year for all grades, thus allowing the school to use the solution not only at the end of the year.

Exam Portal is offered by V-Soft Technologies and is available in a server based solution and school only solution.

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ADESSA is pleased to announce that V-Soft Technologies joined the ranks of ADESSA members late last year.

V-Soft Technologies is a local software provider, with over 16 years of experience in the education sector. With that experience we have built the Exam Portal solution. The Exam Portal is a secure computer-based assessment platform, with built in Text-to-Speech capabilities in all official South African languages.

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The Exam Portal offers students with reading disabilities such as dyslexia and aphasia, the ability to read and understand their work at their pace in a secure environment. The Exam Portal allows schools and education bodies the ability to cut costs in many aspects of a schools/examination bodies budget, by saving money on Human Readers for each individual student or requiring additional invigilators and venues.

Exam Portal standardizes the examination, thus learners are not advantaged or disadvantaged by human readers. The Exam Portal Solution has been used at the highest level by various examinations bodies to conduct NSC examinations for learners with reading and computer accommodations for the past 6 years.

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