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WEBINAR: One Solution to View & Monitor Learners Devices and aide Classroom Activities -Viso Demo


As part of their webinar series: ‘Taking Your School Online’, SchoolAdvisor will be interviewing Justin Cooke of @Interactive Audio Visual Solutions to find out how this one solution allows you to control what your learners view while you teach, lock them out of certain websites, aid learners who are technologically challenged and much more.

The webinar goes live TODAY at 3:15PM. Register to attend for free 👇 https://app.livestorm.co/schooladvisor/one-solution-to-view-and-monitor-learners-devices-and-aide-classroom-activities-viso-demo

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Lighten the impact of covid-19 on business

IAS Apr 2020 1

Interactive AV Solutions (IAVS) has recognized the impact that COVID-19 is having on business across all sectors. Social distancing has upset the internal workings of many of their clients.

Their proposed solution is Clevertouch – a multi-award-winning interactive collaboration display tool that enables clients to operate smoothly during these trying times. Clevertouch allows you to host meetings, conferences, as well as digital collaboration with colleagues and clients. You can make use of your own video conferencing software (such as Skype, Zoom, etc) or you can use Stage, a platform provided by IAVS at no cost.

For more information contact IAVS at:

Call: 021 003 572 or 071 290 3597

Email: info@ias-av.com – Website: www.ias-av.co.za

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