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A way to simplify Education management

EDUPAC® Software Support Services (Pty) Ltd, a long-time member of ADESSA, is an International Leader in Education Management. The company provides an EMIS Software Solution designed to effortlessly collate Education Management Data and efficiently provide information to all stakeholders being it Owners, Employees, Educators, Parents, Students or a Government.

EDUPAC® Enterprise is an online, reliable and robust ERP Software Suite inclusive of cross-platform Mobile applications with integrated data flow between all divisional functions at Educational Institutions:

  • Student Administration and Online Registration with Documents, Performance and Mobile Management for Attendance and Conduct. 
  • Curriculum and Course Management with continuous Monitoring of Learner progress achieved by using Graphs and Dashboards.
  • Employee and Educator Management inclusive of Leave, Absenteeism, Specialization and Classroom Mobile Management.
  • Communication Portals providing secure information, Bulk SMS, e-mails and notifications to any custom group of recipients.
  • Financial Management – Budgets, Cash books, Petty Cash, Customer Ledger and batch Billing, Vendor Ledger, Income and Expense Ledger with Account Categories, Groups and Business units, Importing of Bank account statements for easy month-end and year-end reconciliations.
  • Stock and Assets Inventory Management for collating Vendor procurement history of pricing, quantity and average costs with depreciation and warehouse allocation.
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EDUPAC® Enterprise is optimally designed to: 

  • Highly Reduce Manual and Duplicated Administration at Institutional level;
  • Ensure Real-time Information to all Management Levels and Stakeholders using Data Driven Dashboards;
  • Provide Effective Planning and Management via Portals and Dashboards from a centralized Data Warehouse;
  • Deliver Seamless Integration to Learning Management Systems and other Information Systems;
  • Quickly Deploy Online for a single Institution or a Country;
  • Intuitive to use with an Interactive Help guide and step-by-step Training Videos.
www.edupac.co.za Tel: +27 11 867-9420 directors@edupac.co.za

Edupac has a new logo

Edupac logo Sept 2018
Edupac’s new logo

Edupac is a valued member of long standing of ADESSA.  The company specializes in simplifying education management systems.  While school administration systems have been with us for a long time, not all of them are simple to use and few of them have all the functions required by school staff.

Edupac offers a comprehensive system that should meet all your demands; for more information have a look at the company’s website.