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Enhance your remote teaching with Parrot Products

Parrot Products offers Hard Wired & Software solutions to facilitate interactive teaching from single to multiple environments.

Hard Wired solutions allow teachers without internet or a network to connect their Touch LED panels, monitors, TV or projector displays to other connected displays by HDMI Daisy Chaining.

Teachers who only have a network can opt for the Parrot Classroom Management software, allowing teachers to stream content from their display to other connected devices such as Touch LED Panels or Projectors.

Teachers who have both internet & a network can make use of the ParrotEdu Bronze, ParrotEdu Silver or ParrotEdu Gold Solutions that include Interactive Whiteboard Software & Training.

Through their added value offerings of free site assessments, quotations and after sales servicing, Parrot Products can determine solutions bested suited to the needs of the educators and learners.

For more information please contact 010 140 4900 / sales@parrot.co.za  or visit www.parrot.co.za

Parrot Gold
Parrot Silver
Parrot Bronze

Full range of Interactive solutions from PARROT

Parrot offers a full range of interactive solutions to fit any budget or any environment.  Consider the following options:

Interactive Whiteboard System

  • Transform any flat surface into touch
  • USB charged stylus
  • Projector, PC or laptop required

Touch Whiteboard

  • Full HDMI quality
  • Multi-finger touch or stylus pen
  • Projector, PC or laptop required

Touch LED panel

  • Resolution 1920 X1080P/4k
  • 6-point writing / 10-point touch
  • InpuParrot IWBt: HDMI / VGA


When dealing with Parrot, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Free training with every purchase
  • National with branches in every province, dedicated specialist support
  • Guaranteed return on your investment
  • Free demonstrations

ICT for Educators’ skills training

Parrot Dec 2016 1Parrot Interactive believes in educators’ continuously practicing how to incorporate technology in the classroom to enhance their teaching style and  learning needs.  With this in view, the company is  running a special training programme.

For educators to be comfortable with technology use in the classroom, there is need for continuous use of  the devices or software, sharing information with fellow educators, support from the school authorities and seeing the benefits of technology in the classroom.   These needs will be explored on the course.

For more information on quotations and training availability contact Parrot Products at 086 126 2737 or pitraining@parrot.co.za