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Positive use of Purple Mash

A few days ago we posted some information about Purple Mash, a tool distributed by 2Simple. It is good to hear positive reports about the use products of ADESSA members that we are showcasing on this platform.

Teachers from Brackenhurst Primary School made the following comments:

Purple Mash is the best educational app the school has, it has a lot of educational games and it helps in making learners understand concepts being taught in class a lot better, says Tracey Tshabalala.

Alliyah Gregory adds: I love Purple Mash because it allows learners to work independently and gain confidence. Purple Mash is a great platform for learners to express themselves and learn in a fun and totally immersive way where they can take their time to truly enjoy it.

2Simple 27 June 2022

Purple Mash is an all-inclusive suite of online learning tools and content, designed for children aged 3 to 13. (Grades 1-7) in the classroom and at home. Purple Mash supports learning through its resources, games and creative tools, tailored to the school curriculum; everything from core subjects such as computers, maths, art, reading, writing and phonics, and to all the other topics learnt in school. The learners learn to be creative and to think spontaneously. E.g. Grade 1-3 are able to create their own music beat in Mini Mash and enjoy it.

Learners enjoy it because there is an extremely wide variety of activities to choose from which are covered in all subjects. From Grade 1 Learners are now familiar with E-learning through Purple Mash and they enjoy even the challenging activities. Learners are even able to explore Purple Mash by themselves.

Purple Mash definitely enhances the development of E-learning in Primary Schools.

Join the world of Purple Mash

Purple Mash is an educational, creative, and inspiring tool that engages pupils in over 7,000 schools worldwide. It includes a collection of essential child friendly, ergonomically designed tools, games and activities.  

Purple Mash contains free home access for all pupils and works across a range of different devices, from tablets to electronic whiteboards.  

Features & Benefits of Purple Mash for your classroom:

  1. Purple Mash is mapped to the CAPS Curriculum
  2. Purple Mash has over 15000 ready to use resources which can be customized or translated into any language.
  3. Purple Mash and Python in Pieces both have single sign in options for Google and Microsoft
  4. Both Purple Mash and Python in Pieces are web-based, meaning all larger screen devices (PC’s, tablets) can access the software at any time.
  5. An easy-to-use activity allocation system with a built-in assessment platform.
2simple 18 June 2022

For more details,  visit 2simple.com


Purple Mash wants you to design the official Purple Mash Festive Card for 2021. Just click HERE to log in to Purple Mash and get started with 2Paint a Picture to design your card. Remember you can pick any painting style that you like. When you are done, save your work and submit it to the competition display board for your age group. Everyone is welcome to enter the competition and your design can reflect whatever this time of year means to you.

We have 2 categories for entrants this year including Grade R to Grade 3 and Grade 4 to Grade 7.


2Simple 3


Purple Mash is an educational, creative, and inspiring tool that engages pupils in over 7,000 schools worldwide. It includes a collection of essential child friendly, ergonomically designed tools, games and activities.  

2Simple 1

With Purple Mash teachers and learners have access to a wealth of interactive resources across core subjects and more, lesson plans, curriculum links and a collection of time saving tools including: quick assignment of work via 2Dos; self- marking curriculum activities; ability to assign objectives and judgements to any piece of work and bespoke data reporting too. 

Purple Mash contains free home access for all pupils and works across a range of different devices, from tablets to electronic whiteboards.  

Contact one of the 2Simple team members for more info on info@2simple.co.za or Phone: +27 84 502 4777.

2Simple 2

2Simple and Purple Mash

Today we are featuring another one of ADESSA’s long-time
esteemed members, 2Simple.

2Simple South Afric2simple-logoa was established over a decade ago to supply  schools with educational software and has kept up with the demand by changing with the times.  The humble beginnings of supplying offline typing programs to schools around Gauteng has grown into the incredible base of schools all over South Africa today that make use of an online suite, Purple Mash.

purple-mash-logoThe programs range from puzzles, paint projects and games for 5 year olds, all the way to coding, 3D designing and mind-mapping for children at the very end of their primary school careers. Purple Mash is an ever growing and expanding selection of programmes.  Mini Mash for pre-school users has recently been launched.

As a company, 2Simples strongly believe in teacher support and is always available for training on the latest updates or for giving advice on how to implement the programs in a classroom setting.

Feedback, such as the following from Rivonia Primary, is often received:

Rivonia Primary have used the Purple Mash and 2Simple products since the beginning of 2016.  From the outset, their staff’s attitude to assisting and training us was fantastic and made the Rivonia staff feel very comfortable in the use of the many different options the programmes offer. 

Our main motivation and purpose was to introduce coding to the children and get them to enjoy being creative. We have built a lesson into our timetable so that the children can use the suite exclusively, and have found that there are so many other exciting and pertinent skills that the product can offer the children, and they cannot wait to explore new skills in a safe cyber space each week!

If you’d like to know more or see a Purple Mash demo at your school, you can contact Michelle at michelle@2simple.co.za or call 011 656 8847.