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Schoolscape Edtech: Edtech the world’s leading schools & teachers use

Join Schoolscape for this free 2-day virtual event on the 21st and 22nd Sept to see a showcase of edtech the world’s leading schools use. Local and international schools from the UK, UAE, Zimbabwe and more will demo the tech they use in their classes and schools.

There is a short sharp 1h45min morning session for IT school decision makers and a 1h45min afternoon session for teachers.

Teachers will walk away knowing how they can better engage their learners, see free tools in action, learn how to incorporate coding and robotics, and ultimately, be introduced to solutions that can free up their time. School IT Managers and senior decision-makers will get insights into how leading schools bring tech together in their schools.

Schoolscape invites you to join them for free on the 21-22 September 2022. You will earn CPTD points for attending! https://schoolscape.co.za/event/edtech/

Schooladvisor 13 September 2022

Schoolscape IT 2022: Edtech working together to make life easier for schools 

At this year’s Schoolscape IT conference, you will be shown how tech works together in 3 real-life classrooms hosted by real school IT managers. Added to this, 50 local and international tech and edtech players will show you how their tech can work together. From coding and robotics to interactive hardware and loads more. 

Due to limited space, the event is only for school IT managers, edtech implementers, IT teachers, heads, deputies, HODs, school management teams, SGB members and bursars. 

You are invited to join for free on the 19th of August in Cape Town or the 25th in Joburg. You will earn CPTD points for attending! https://schoolscape.co.za/it

Schooladvisor 25 June 2022