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How Instant Vitals works?

Covid-19 vaccine rollouts are still rolling out slowly, and many people may not be given treatments for health or moral reasons. Geo-political displacement, economic hardships or social discrimination may be obstacles restricting the availability of life-saving treatments. Instant Vitals presents a privacy preserving, non-invasive, accessible and non-discriminatory solution to the health problems during this pandemic and will also assists when there are other variants and different types of viruses.

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Is your business or school Covid compliant? As of today (26 November 2020), the cumulative total of COVID-19 cases is 775 502 with 3 250 new cases identified since the last report. We have registered a positivity rate of 14%, which is concerning. Protect your business or school from viruses by monitoring and managing your staff wellness and business risk. Instant Vitals, a revolutionary medical-grade risk screening app greenlights staff/customers or teachers/learners for entry. Offer peace of mind to all involved by improving overall health & safety and risk management with Instant Vitals.

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Workplace Protection During Covid-19

Edit Microsystems is excited to announce the release of their new product: Virus Shields.

Virus Shields are locally-manufactured, clear PVC screens ideal for businesses, health care providers, educational institutions, factories, and others. Virus Shields provide effective partitioning of a workplace, creating a barrier for those who need to protect their staff and customers against the spread of viruses.

The shield is easy to install and clean, ensuring a safe work environment. Three size options are available. Custom sizes are subject to a quotation.

Pricing, includes VAT, but excludes installation and delivery.

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