Win with 2Simple and Purple Mash

2Simple wants you to design the official Purple Mash Festive Card for 2022. If you have access to the Purple Mash paid platform, just log in to Purple Mash and get started with 2Paint a Picture to design your card. Remember you can pick any painting style that you like. When you are done, save your work and submit it to the competition display board for your age group. Everyone is welcome to enter the competition and your design can reflect whatever this time of year means to you.

Competition age groups:

Foundation Phase Grade 0 – Grade 3
Intermediate Phase Grade 4 – 7

Each child can submit ONE entry for the competition.  

How To Enter:   Children enter their work by submitting it to the ‘Festive Card Competition’ Display Boards. They should submit their work to the age-appropriate board. There is a video in Purple Mash showing how to do this. They can save and edit their work as often as they like before submitting it – it should only be submitted once it is completely finished.

Competition will run from 4 – 23 November 2022.

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